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Going for the Gold 90 x 20

Going for the Gold 90 x 20

Level Up: Be the Change you Want to See

Our Going for the Gold mission is to increase graduation rates and reduce dropout rates by supporting all students in reaching their full potential in school, at home and in the community.

Since the G4G inception, all stakeholders (parents, students, community members, businesses, schools and political leaders) have been empowered with research-based strategies that ensure academic student success through the connection of the four G4G pillars (Diversity/Cultural Responsiveness, Build Relationships/District Culture, Health and Wellness, and Graduation 90x20 Focus on Attendance). Each year as our sponsorships increase and we build capacity with volunteers, we will continue to build the model with strategies to support the homes, schools and the communities under the pillars.

Fitness Clinics






Memorial MS
RSVP Clinic #3

Learn how to Breathe

Learn to finish strong


Memorial MS
RSVP Clinic #2

Finding Your Pace
“Track Attack”

Ability level pacing ratios for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


Lutz ES
RSVP Clinic #3

Resistance Training
How to Improve Performance

“Using all muscle groups”
Hill work training to build strength


Lutz ES
RSVP Clinic #4

Heart Rate Training

“Moving heart rate up”
Learn to walk/run using heart rate as your guide


Lennard HS
RSVP Clinic #5

Become an Efficient Walker/Runner

“Raising metabolic rate w/movement”
Practice speed training for leg efficiency


Lennard HS
RSVP Clinic #6

Putting it all together- Master the 5K distance

“Breathless Movement”
Move according to your cardiovascular ability

Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic 2019: February 23-24, 2019

Join the HCPS 90x20 Going for the Gold (G4G) Team today.
It’s quick and easy!

Online Registration:

Step 1. Visit to register

Step 2. Select the “HCPS90x20” team when prompted to choose.

Step 3. Use the code “HCPS90x20” to get the discounted registration rate. (discount applies through 12/31/18)

OPTIONAL STEP: Select “HCPS/Supporting School Attendance” as your charity of choice when prompted, and enter an amount. Your entire donation will be used to improve district student attendance.

Paper Registration available to print:

Wellbing4U Day at ROSSAC
September 12, 2018, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Wellbeing4U Day

Can we count on you to take the pledge and support our 90% graduation rate by 2020 and beyond and increasing student attendance?

Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge

Attendance is key to student success - September is Attendance Awareness Month, and studies show that there is a direct link between absenteeism and high school dropouts.

Increasing Student Attendance

Attendance Matters Flickr Album

Convincing Facts of Why a High School Diploma Matters

  • High school graduates are more likely to be employed, make higher taxable income, and aid in job generation compared to high school dropouts.
  • High school graduates are less likely to engage in criminal behavior or require social services.
  • High school graduates have better health and longer life expectancy.
  • Schools and families have limited resources based on survey and feedback.

Graduation Rate Research

We Climb Together: Each One, Teach One

The G4G HCPS 90x20 Youth and Parent conference scope of work for the target group will provide essential assistance through a linkage of resources.

The event will include building relationship activities to foster educational promotion by removing barriers in the home, school and community for youth, and to strengthen families for the targeted students (rising 9th and 11th graders /2020 graduates) and their parents by providing information of support systems of four pillars. Our team will target schools (with principals approval) for this activity.

G4G Youth GOLD Summit Flickr Album

How to Apply: G4G HCPS Youth Ambassadors and
G4G Community Youth Ambassadors
We Climb Together

Youth Ambassadors will provide support at the HCPS high schools and within the community by connecting youth and stakeholders to the four pillars in order to support the HCPS 90x20 Goal. The Youth Ambassadors will be charged to Climb Together for success for ALL.

What is a Walk to Run Clinic?
The Clinic is an outdoor running/walking program for co-ed groups offering world-class running/walking instruction & motivational techniques. This program is packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness and running goals quickly! No matter your age, size or fitness level, you can achieve great results. The goal here is to learn how to run more efficiently, increase your speed and have fun doing it!

This running/walking program is unlike any other. There is NO COMPETITION. You will feel motivated and empowered to Run a 5K.

Why attend a Walk to Run Clinic?

  • Learn proper form & breathing techniques
  • Increase speed, efficiency & endurance
  • Increase muscular strength
  • Conquer the fear of running
  • Personal coaching
  • Camaraderie & accountability
  • Prepare to run/walk in the 2018 Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K
  • Experience a nurturing and empowering, yet challenging running/walking program
  • Connect with motivating and caring coaches that will teach you proper running/walking and breathing techniques
  • Meet a friendly group of people to share in your running/walking ventures

What if I have already registered for the 2018 Gasparilla Distance Classic and I want to join the HCPS 90x20 Team?
Contact: Michelle Davenport
Telephone: (813) 272-4053

Having difficulties registering for a Walk to Run Clinic?
Contact: Lashawnda Williams
Telephone: (813) 272-4060

Having difficulties registering for the HCPS 90x20 Team on
Contact: Conchita Canty-Jones
Telephone: (813) 272-4881

Fun, fun...on the run. Taking part in the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K will no doubt become one of the most positive experiences in your life. This is when you challenge, yet teach your mind and body the "joy of movement". ~Lynn Gray


All walk to run clinics start at 9 a.m.

October 5 - Lennard High School

November 2 - Ballast Point Elementary

December 7 - Pierce Middle School

January 11 - Sickles High School

February 8 - Lutz K-8 School


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