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Investing in Students

How will the money be spent?

Specific projects to improve public schools

Sales tax funds are restricted in how they can be used. Generally, the funds cannot be used for recurring “operating expenses” such as teacher pay, school bus fuel, and utility bills. Sales tax funds are generally limited to “capital expenses,” which are long-term physical improvements to buildings or equipment. Our tax referendum funds would be spent on a list of specific projects, which are limited to:

  • Air conditioning replacements and overhauls
  • Maintenance and renovation projects
  • Safety and security improvements
  • Technology upgrades
  • New construction to relieve overcrowding
Minimum half-million dollar investment at every school
student with flute standing next to lockers

Air conditioning
replacements and overhauls

Plus needed maintenance and school repairs at every school

Students standing on stage at graduation


Millions dedicated to transform classrooms to develop job skills for tomorrow's economy

student with flute standing next to lockers

Safety and security

Millions invested in fire and alarm systems, security enhancements, and ensuring rapid response from law enforcement

student with flute standing next to lockers

New school

New schools built in growing areas to relieve overcrowding

Citizens Oversight Committee

citizen committee breakdown
The ten-year referendum is limited to funding specific long-term projects in public schools, with all spending watched by a Citizen Oversight Committee.
Learn more about the Citizen Oversight Committee
Download the full school-by-school list of Education Referendum Projects (PDF Format )
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