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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Marshall Middle Magnet has applied to become an IB Candidate School. What does that mean?

    Marshall Middle Magnet is an applicant to become a candidate school for the IB Middle Years Programme. This programme aims to develop active learners and internationally minded young people through a rigorous academic curriculum, empowering them to empathize with others and pursue lives of purpose and meaning.

    International Baccalaureate candidate schools must complete an application process in order to become a full-fledged IB World School. This process can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months and Marshall can only use the term IB World School once the application and candidacy period has been completed.

  • Who needs to apply to be accepted into Marshall Middle Magnet?

    Only students who will enter sixth grade next year and live outside the Marshall Middle Magnet attendance area are required to apply. Incoming students who live inside for Marshall Middle Magnet attendance area boundary do not need to apply and are automatically admitted. However, all incoming sixth grade students are encouraged to submit an application. Every sixth grade student at Marshall Middle will be part of our IB program. Seventh and eighth grades will not yet be part of the Magnet program in 2020-2021.

  • I do not live in the Marshall Middle attendance area, but I want to be a part of this new IB program. How do I apply?

    The application process for Marshall Middle Magnet is completed through our district’s Choice program at . The application period opens October 25, 2019 at 5 p.m. The deadline for applications is December 31, 2019. All applications are processed after the December 31 deadline, so the date of your application does not affect your chance of being selected—submitting an application in October is the same as submitting in December. Only students who will enter sixth grade next year and do not live inside the Marshall Middle Magnet attendance area will need to apply.

  • I am applying through the Choice process. When will I find out if my child got accepted into Marshall?

    School Choice applications are due by December 31, 2019. Families who apply through this process will be notified whether their student has been accepted into Marshall Middle Magnet by the middle of February.

  • Will school bus transportation be available?

    Magnet bus transportation will not be available for Marshall Middle Magnet. Local bus transportation will be available only for students who live within the Marshall Middle attendance boundary and are eligible for transportation under Florida law and school district policy.

  • I’ve heard IB can have a challenging amount of homework. Will this be the case at Marshall?

    The IB Middle Years Programme focuses on a philosophy and learning style that is appropriate for students of all levels. Middle school IB in our district does not include any more or less homework than a traditional middle school.

  • Will my child be guaranteed admission into an IB program in high school if he or she attends Marshall Middle Magnet?

    Students in a middle school IB program will receive additional weight in their application for an IB high school, but there is not a guarantee that any student will be admitted into any IB high school program.

  • Will Marshall students still take standardized tests?

    Yes, students will still take all mandatory standardized tests as all Hillsborough County Public Schools. IB is an additional layer that is added on top of the required Hillsborough County curriculum.

  • Will you have a gifted program?

    Just like most Hillsborough County Middle Schools, gifted students are placed in the highest level class offered at the school for Math, Science, Individuals and Societies (Social Studies), and Language & Literature (Language Arts & Reading).

  • What “choice” classes will you offer?

    Marshall currently has a wide range of Elective classes for 6th Graders including Culinary, Band, AVID, Robotics, Agriculture, Gentlemen’s Quest, and Spanish. We are anticipating the addition of French.

  • What is a Magnet School?

    A magnet school is a public elementary, middle, or high school whose curricula are theme-based and technology-rich. Magnet school teachers are specially trained not only in theme integration but also in innovative and rigorous academic instructional methods. Magnet schools offer students opportunities to discover, explore, and refine their talents and interests while focusing on excellence in academics. Magnet school support the district’s mission to provide all students the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their highest potential.

  • What clubs do you offer?

    These clubs are subject to change from year to year.

    • Tinkering with Technology (Robotics, Coding, & Circuits)
    • Teens for Christ
    • Ukulele Club
    • National Junior Honor Society
    • Anime Club
    • Gospel Choir
    • Makerspace – creative learning, construction and experimentation through Legos, K’nex, and Lego building challenges; Science-themed projects like circuits, solar and wind powered activities; Robots such as Ozobots to Dash and Spheros; laptops with coding activities
    • Art & Animation Club
    • Dragon Dolls
    • Ladies Quest
    • Student Council
    • Math League
    • Jammin’ Dragons Club – keyboards, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric bass and solo vocalists
    • Future Farmers of America (Premier Chapter in State of FL)
    • Strategy Card Club
    • Relay for Life Club

  • Do you have sports?

    Marshall offers a variety of sports for both boys and girls including basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, and flag football for both boys and girls.

  • Do students wear uniforms?

    Beginning next year, we are anticipating that all Marshall students will wear uniforms. Colors and styles are being finalized.

  • Do 6th, 7th, & 8th graders have classes together throughout the school day?

    Marshall’s campus is divided up by buildings, keeping students generally separated via grade level. There may be a few 7th & 8th grade classes where students are in the same class, for example, Band or Physical Education. They do interact during class changes.

  • What are the school times?

    From 9:25 am – 4:20 am, Tuesday through Friday. Students are released an hour early on Mondays, as calendared out by the District.

  • Do you offer Before and After School supervision?

    Yes, Marshall has free Before and After School care on our campus through Boys and Girls Club. There is no cost involved – parents just complete an application. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 am and stay until 6 pm.

  • Are students supervised during breakfast, lunch, and in the hallways during passing?

    Currently Marshall 6th & 7th Grade students eat breakfast in homeroom beginning at 9 am. Lunches are scheduled by grade level and each have their own period. Teachers stand at their doors during passing and other support staff are in various locations on campus during each passing. Students are supervised to and from lunch.

  • What High School Credit classes do you anticipate offering? What about Career & Technical Certification (CTE*)?

    Marshall students could potentially move on to 9th Grade with High School credits in Geometry, Algebra I, Physical Science Honors, Global Studies, Spanish I, French I, Fundamentals of Agriculture Systems*, Agriscience Foundations 1*, Agricultural Communications 2*, Foundations of Robotics*, Nutrition & Wellness*, and Principles of Food Preparation* to mention a few. Options to take these classes are never a guarantee. Some courses have prerequisites or specific requirements for enrolling.

  • Can ESE students attend Marshall Middle Magnet?

    Yes – absolutely!

  • If my child gets into Marshall for 6th grade by completing the CHOICE application, do they have to re-apply each school year?

    No – your child will continue through all three grades as an IB student.

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