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Coronavirus Preparation

Device Check Out Frequently Asked Questions

The well-being of our students and staff is our top priority.

Our school health personnel are in constant contact with the Florida Department of Health about health concerns across our country and around the world, including the flu and coronavirus.

Frequently Asked Questions from the Florida Department of Education

  • When can I check out a device for eLearning?

    Wednesday through Friday. Each school site has created a scheduled time for parents to check out a device at their child’s school. School and district staff previously determined which students need access to a device. Any families that still need a device should contact their school IF they have not heard from their child’s school by NOON on Thursday – you will be assigned a pick up on Friday.

  • Where can I check out a device for eLearning?

    Each school site will have a designated area on their campus for a safe and efficient device check out. Be sure to confirm this location with your school when they contact you with your assigned check out time.

  • If I am scheduled to pick up my child's device this week, and there is a stay at home order, should I still pick up the device?

    Yes. Education is an essential function in our community. You would be allowed to pick up a laptop for your child to complete their assignments online. This also includes picking up food for your child at one of our grab-and-go meal sites. Please note, if the county stay at home order passes, it would go into effect starting Friday at 10pm.

  • Who needs to be present to check out the device?

    The student’s parent/guardian must be present to check out the device.

  • What do I need to bring to check out the device?

    The parent/guardian must bring a photo ID. You must also know the student number for the learner you are signing out the device for. Upon checking out your device, you will complete a Device Loan Contract.

  • How many devices can each family check out?

    In effort to ensure every household has a device, we are currently loaning 1 device per family.

  • What if I cannot make my assigned check out time?

    Contact your school to reschedule a time for pick up. In order to maintain social distancing, walk-ups are not allowed.

  • I did not put my name on the list for devices – can I still get one?

    Yes. Immediately contact your school to put your name on the list.

  • How long can I borrow the device?

    Devices are due once we return to school. In the event that we continue eLearning throughout the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, devices would need to be returned at the conclusion of the school year.

  • I am uncomfortable checking out a device. What are my alternatives to eLearning?

    Contact your school administration to discuss procedures to pick up packets of work for your learner.

  • What happens if the device is lost/stolen/damaged?

    Upon checking out your device, you will complete a Device Loan Contract. This contract states that you are financially responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items – including the power cable.

  • What happens if I am put on the debt list?

    Students must clear all debts in order to graduate.

  • What happens if we notice a malfunction on the device once we are home?

    If you notice a malfunction on your device, contact our Tech Hotline at 813-272-4786.

  • I don’t know how to use the device — who can help me?

    Call 813-272-4786 to receive technology support.

  • I can’t connect to the internet — who can help me?

    Call 813-272-4786 to receive technology support.

  • Edsby is really slow today, and in some cases I can’t even get in. Has it been fixed?

    This is why our Set Up for Success Week is so important. We are working with Edsby to iron out the system as it adjusts to a higher volume of traffic than normal. We are aware of the issues, and are aiming for a smoother process when eLearning officially begins Monday, March 30th.

  • What do I do if I forgot my credentials to log into Edsby?

    We are aware some students have not been able to log into their Edsby accounts because they have forgotten usernames or passwords. In some cases, your school may be able to help over the phone. If not, we ask that you please wait until Thursday to call our technology hotline at (813)272-4786. Prior to Thursday, the technology department will be focusing on distribution of devices to families. We appreciate your patience as we work to make sure every student has access to a device when eLearning begins next week.

  • Are students allowed to use the camera and microphone on their devices as a way to communicate with their teachers?

    We are excited to start our eLearning on Monday. Students are permitted to use the video and audio functions on their devices as directed by their teachers. As a result of the new eLearning environment, please be aware that most devices have audio and video capability that may be used or accessed for learning interactions between teachers and students. Any user’s continued use of the eLearning environment constitutes acceptance and acknowledgment of the above. The district shall not be responsible for misuse of the technology and the user holds the district harmless in any matters relating to the use of this device by anyone.

  • Can I disable the webcam on my device?

    Yes. Call 813-272-4786 to receive technology support.

  • I checked out a device from my school. How does my child login?

    All of the laptop computers you checked out from Hillsborough Schools should log on automatically for students.

    If the battery runs out or the device shuts down, you may have to log in with the following information based on the type of device you checked out.

    Username : Student/Lunch number
    Password: Student's usual Windows/District/Clever Password
    (this is the password your child typically using to login to district resources)

    Windows Laptop
    Username: .\hcpsuser or hcpsuser
    Password: hcpsuser

    Please make sure the device remains charged at all times.

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