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Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Magnet Ramp Locations

Magnet Ramp Locations
Procedures for Pick-up / Drop-off at Transfer Ramps

40th Street Bus Ramp
Contact: (813) 840-7305
HDA Bus Ramp
Contact: (813) 233-2872
Tampa Bay Tech Bus Ramp
Contact: (813) 975-7620
Yukon Bus Ramp
Contact: (813) 631-4052

Transportation strives to create a safe, caring environment. We want you to know that until students and parents become accustomed to the procedures, it is not unusual for magnet school buses to run late 45 or more minutes. We ask for your patience as we ensure the safety of your student.

Network (Neighborhood Bus)/Transfer Bus

In the morning, network (neighborhood) buses transport all magnet students (living two or more miles from the school) from a neighborhood bus stop to an assigned transfer point where students board a transfer bus to school.

In the afternoon, students board the transfer buses from school back to the assigned transfer ramp. The students then board their network (neighborhood) buses which takes them to their neighborhood bus stop.

You are allowed to send water in a spill-proof container with your student so that he or she will be as comfortable as possible while waiting at the transfer ramp.

Bus Transfer Ramp

All ramp transfers are inside gates and are monitored and supervised by school security, drivers, and magnet lead ramp drivers. No bus is allowed to leave until we account for all students.

Parents who designate a transfer ramp as a bus stop in the afternoon must arrive at the ramp no later than 3:15pm. Gates will be locked once transfer has been called and students will not be released (The 2,000 - 4,000 students on a transfer ramp cannot be held on the ramp waiting for a tardy parent so please be on time). Students not picked up at the transfer ramp could be returned to the assigned school or school security after the run ends. Parents may choose the ramp as a designated bus stop but for safety and efficiency this must be consistent every day. Parents must designate one or the other.

In the interest of safety, parents/guardians are not allowed to send a note or make a telephone call to the school authorizing a student to be placed on a different bus or to get on or off at a different stop. All students must board and exit the assigned school bus at the same location every day.

Parents and students who fail to follow the magnet ramp procedures for this safe, caring environment may forfeit magnet transportation privileges.


If you have questions, contact your area office.

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