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Virtual Instruction Programs

Virtual Instruction Programs

Credit Recovery

Working with your guidance counselor at your physical school, students may use Hillsborough Virtual K-12 school to retake classes where they made a poor grade. Hillsborough Virtual K-12 follows the school schedule, so students need to start classes in August or January and as a rule schools do not allow students to drop courses in the middle of a semester.

Grade Enhancement Rules
Students, grade 9‐12, may retake high school credit classes if they received an “F” or a “D” grade. If the new grade is a “C” or better, the old grade will be removed from the GPA calculation. The course stays on the transcript and is “flagged” so it is clear the class was repeated.

Also, if students took a high school credit in middle school (Algebra, etc.), they are allowed to grade forgive “C” grades in addition to “D” and “F” grades. If the student makes a “B” or “A” grade, the “C” will be flagged as described above.

If a student repeats a class and does not improve above the grade forgiveness threshold, they will have both grades on their transcript, so it is important for students to be strategic in their grade forgiveness. For example, if a student made a “C” in Algebra I in her 8th grade year and retook the class in 9th grade, she has to make a “B” or better for the “C” to be forgiven.

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