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Library Media Services

Library Media Services


Hillsborough County Public Schools offers multiple options for student reading, including eBook and audiobooks through axis360 and myOn.

Your school’s library media specialist can always provide support and assistance with reading recommendations and assistance with accessing eBooks.

axis 360 Download ebooks!

Student Login: 7-digit student ID#

Teacher Login: L+Lawson#

Students and teachers can use their ID number to borrow eBooks & audiobooks using the axis360 app on their mobile devices, or through the online portals.

Elementary School axis360 Library

Middle School axis360 Library

High School axis360 Library

Adult Education axis360 Library

myON Books

Login via Student Connection
or at

myON is a digital library of more than 6000 eBooks that student can read at home or school using a computer or table with an Internet connection. To learn more about the Read On myON Partnership, go to

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