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PreK-12 Literacy

PreK-12 Literacy


The K-12 Comprehensive Reading Plan, required by the Florida Department of Education's Just Read, Florida office through Florida Statute 1001.215 provides an essential literacy blueprint for our district to following improving student achievement. The plan is grounded in a shared vision and mission of what literacy learning should look like in our district and is aligned to our district's strategic plan. Written with all key audiences in mind - students, teachers, school and district leaders, families and community partners - our district's literacy priorities are reflected in the plan.
2019-2020 Comprehensive Reading Plan

Florida House Bill 7055 requires each school district with one or more of Florida’s 300 Lowest performing elementary schools, based on a 3-year average of the state reading assessment data, to provide an additional hour of intensive reading instruction per day. The additional reading instruction may be provided within the school day for students who earned a Level 1 through 3 on the previous school year’s English Language Arts - Florida Standards Assessment.

Hillsborough County Public Schools has 43 elementary schools identified in the 2019-2020 school year as Extended Reading Time schools whose Level 1 through 3 students must receive an additional hour of intensive reading instruction per day. During the extended reading time, students engage in a personalized learning plan based on their individual assessment data delivered through an on-line instructional program. Each school receives additional resources including a variety of literary and informational texts and supplemental Florida Standards-based lessons to support the daily instruction Extended Reading Time students’ receive as they strive for success in their daily core instruction and on the Florida Standards Assessment.

Extended Elementary Reading Time Schools 2019-2020

Florida Statute 1008.25 states that third grade students retained for a reading deficiency must be provided intensive interventions in reading to address students’ specific reading deficiencies and prepare students for promotion to the next grade. Each summer, Hillsborough County Public Schools’ offers all 3rd grade students earning a Level 1 on the English Language Arts – Florida Standards Assessment, along with any 3rd grade student performing below level, an opportunity to participate in the district’s 3rd Grade Summer Reading Camp. The 3rd Grade Summer Reading Camp incorporates instructional and interventions strategies including evidence-based, explicit, systematic, and multisensory reading instruction in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension along with other strategies prescribed by the school district into the daily camp instruction.

During the summer of 2019, Hillsborough County Public Schools offered a multi-week,, 3rd Grade Summer Reading Camp at selected area elementary school sites. The goals of the camp were to help students reach grade level proficiency, accelerate acquisition of foundation skills to support comprehension, and to minimize the impact of summer reading loss. A Readers Workshop Model was implemented that included shared and guided reading instruction with a focus on vocabulary, fluency, and word study. Independent reading was a major focus to provide students opportunity to practice the strategies being taught in the camp.

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