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Virtual Instruction Programs


Co-Enrolled Students
Information for elementary, middle, and high school co-enrolled students.
Course Descriptions
These are the courses offered through Hillsborough Virtual K-12. Because Hillsborough Virtual K-12 and FLVS share curriculum, the descriptions below are links to the FLVS course description pages.
Credit Recovery
Working with your guidance counselor at your physical school, students may use Hillsborough Virtual K-12 school to retake classes where they made a poor grade. Hillsborough Virtual K-12 follows the school schedule, so students need to start classes in August or January and as a rule schools do not allow students to drop courses in the middle of a semester.
Frequently Asked Questions
Hillsborough Virtual K-12 frequently asked questions with answers
Full Time Hillsborough Virtual K-12 Students
Hillsborough Virtual K-12 Full‐Time program is a public school option. As with other public schools, students are required to participate in all state and district mandated assessments.
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