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Taylor Johnson becomes second female to hold JROTC Lieutenant colonel position at Strawberry Crest High School

December 04, 2018 - Student Success

Who runs the world?

If you ask Lieutenant colonel John Ingraham, he would say “Girls.”

In the last 10 years, Ingraham has seen female enrollment in JROTC skyrocket.

“Right now, in our JROTC program, it’s about 40% female,” said Ingraham, JROTC Senior Army Instructor at Strawberry Crest High School. “So, the girls come in and they love the challenge.”

Just recently, Senior Taylor Rachelle Johnson was promoted to JROTC Lieutenant colonel.

This marks the second time in Strawberry Crest History that a female has held the position.

“It motivates the ladies outside of JROTC and increases our enrollment,” said Ingraham.

For Johnson, holding the highest position is an honor.

“I hold more responsibility, said Johnson. “I’m in charge of all the cadets throughout the whole program along with making sure the communication is good and that we have a smoothly running battalion.”

Johnson is involved in numerous extracurricular activities and leadership programs.

Aside from JROTC, she is captain of the Varsity Cross Country Team, President of the National Technical Honor Society along with being a member of the National Honor Society.

But it’s also the events outside of school that make her a better leader.

From volunteering at nursing homes to honoring our veterans and helping pets in need, these are the qualifications that made Johnson stand out.

“Taylor has distinguished herself with exceptional service within our program and excels in everything she does,” said Ingraham. “Academics, athletics, competitions and community support; she does it all.”

JROTC has helped make Johnson a well-rounded individual by learning valuable life skills.

“I didn’t know how to lead somebody and this program teaches you leadership and helps you make new friends along with teaching you about the real world,” said Johnson.

One goal Johnson has as Lieutenant colonel is breaking the stigma that JROTC is more geared toward males.

“Many people think this program is very masculine but that’s not the case,” said Johnson. “Females help a lot with our program.”

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