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Image for High School students ask interesting questions during the high school forum
This is not just ANY meeting. These are high school students posing questions and comments to the School Board about what's really on their minds

High School students ask interesting questions during the high school forum

January 29, 2019 - Points of Pride

The high school forum is an important tool to helping School Board members understand what is really on students’ minds. Changes in district policy have been implemented because of issues brought forward in this forum.

Each high school choses two representatives to attend the forum and each asks a question or poses a comment to the board and the superintendent.

Some common questions and comments from today’s high school forum include:

  • Interest in creating more career tech programs
  • School security
  • When will referendum projects begin?
  • Buses and transportation
  • Online courses and sky-high gpa’s
  • Teacher salaries

A student from Leto High claimed busing is an issue and that causes students to miss class time. He asked what is being done to remedy transportation issues.

A student from Plant High asked if any rules are being put into place to regulate unwanted political bias during lessons.

A student from Strawberry Crest asked the Board if there’s any discussion about including student input on teacher evaluations.

A student from Chamberlain asked if the Board has any plans on increasing teacher salaries. He said his mom is a teacher and he believes a bump in pay would do wonders for morale.

A student from Middleton asked if school administration could be locked into a minimum contract so students can better create relationships.

A student from Sickles asked how we can ensure schools are safe without making them look like prisons or fortresses.

A student from Wharton asked why there’s a different policy for bus riders than student drivers and students who are dropped off by a parent. Bus riders are excused, others are not. She made the point that traffic is the same whether you’re on a school bus or driving your own vehicle.

School Board members answered the questions they could and promised the others that their questions will be answered within the next few days.