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Image for Teen Trendsetters™ at Strawberry Crest Donate over 4000 Books to Bailey Mentees
Children have 4000 books to choose from thanks to Strawberry Crest's Teen Trendsetters

Teen Trendsetters™ at Strawberry Crest Donate over 4000 Books to Bailey Mentees

February 14, 2019 - Student Success

More kids will have books in their hands, thanks to the Teen Trendsetters™ at Strawberry Crest High School.

Teen Trendsetters™, an initiative that was developed through The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is a mentoring and intensive reading program for 1st and 2nd graders who are reading half a year or more behind their grade level. Students who enter the program sign a contract with their parents to read to them at least twice a week. Mentees are assigned a teen mentor who meets with them weekly, working together to improve reading. Mentees also receive a home library over the course of the school year.

Recently, the teens at Strawberry Crest hosted two book drives at their school and neighboring school Bailey Elementary. In less than one week, the Teen Trendsetters™ collected more than 4,000 books!

Of course, the best part was re-gifting the books, for free, back into the hands of the students! The club hosted giveaways at each school to wrap up Literacy Week.

The sponsor of Strawberry Crest’s program, Mrs. Kendall Nickerson, said it was fulfilling, as a teacher, to see the books go home with children for free!

This Literacy initiative came into our county thanks to a partnership Bob Cox, Supervisor of our Magnet Programs formed with the Barbara Bush Foundation. This program has been placed at several Magnet Schools, pairing high schools with elementary students, Strawberry Crest works with Bailey, Jefferson with Roland Park and Progress Village works with Lamb.

“It is a great literacy program and I am very proud that we have such great magnet students working with elementary students nearby to strengthen reading,” said Bob Cox.

There are plans in the works to increase this literacy program's footprint in the district next year and beyond, so stay tuned for future developments!


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