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Chamberlain alumni group steps up to the plate for the baseball team

April 04, 2019 - Partners in Education

A group of Chamberlain High School alumni are proud of their deep roots at the school and want to help current students grow and succeed. Several graduates have formed the Chamberlain High School Legacy Alliance to support and raise money for their alma mater.

“The strength of Chamberlain is in its alumni,” said Terry Sisco, Chamberlain High School Legacy Alliance volunteer.

“We’re so happy to be supporting all of the students at Chamberlain High School,” said Nancy Leach, Chamberlain High School Legacy Alliance volunteer.

For their latest project, the Legacy Alliance has stepped up to the plate to help the baseball team.

“When Terry and Nancy got in touch with me and said, ‘What’s your biggest need right now?’ and I told them – it was the uniforms,” said Chamberlain High School baseball team Head Coach Jason Smith.

“We bought the practice uniforms for the kids, and the looks on their faces when they got these uniforms was priceless,” Sisco said.

Indeed, the new look is a home run with the grateful players.

“I love them. It feels comfortable. It’s just great. It’s good looking and everything,” said David Cornelio, Chamberlain High School Junior and pitcher and shortstop.

“It’s a good feeling, knowing we’re all coming out looking the same – not looking like we don’t belong,” said Brayden Moyer, Chamberlain High School Junior and middle infielder and 1st and 3rd base player.

But it’s not just a uniform and gear the Legacy Alliance is supplying, Coach Smith says they’re providing some financial relief to the players’ families.

“They come from a lot of families with working moms, and a lot of brothers and sisters. To get some of their parents to shell out a couple hundred bucks to pay out for uniforms and hats and everything else they need – just these guys stepping up and helping us with that, it makes an impact on the boys, makes an impact on their families, on the team and school,” said Coach Smith.

The team’s need isn’t only on the field. When the players have to travel for away games, they have to board a bus right after school and need fuel to gear up for the night games.

“One of the challenges is: what are these boys going to eat when they play baseball at an away game? Chamberlain has a great Culinary Arts program, so we asked the chef if he could make boxed dinners for the kids and he said, ‘Absolutely!’ So the alumni are paying for the boxed lunches, so the kids have a great meal before all of the away games,” Sisco explained.

The Culinary Arts Instructor, Matthew “Chef Bart” Bartholomay, is a 2009 Chamberlain High School graduate. He is happy to join fellow alumni to support the team.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do that. I didn’t know before this that they were having an issue. I’m really glad to be able to help out and get these boys something to get them going before they play,” said Chef Bart.

Culinary Arts students, like Chamberlain High School Junior and Sous Chef Adam Michael, also get to learn about the catering side of the food industry as they prepare the team’s meals.

“The alumni are trying to help make it better, and it starts with us, because we’re like an academy program,” said Michael.  

Coach Smith says the food feeds the players and helps them be mentally prepared for the games.

“It’s hard to meet a person where they want to be if their belly is empty. So, putting food in their stomach actually helps them to concentrate a lot more and gives them energy. Plus – they like being fed,” Coach Smith joked.

“Before the games, we’re eating in the locker room and everyone’s just loving their food. They’re saying it’s delicious,” said Cornelio.

“Eating right is a lot of the process of getting to be a better player, so that’s very important,” Moyer said.

The partnership between the alumni and the school is proving to be a winning combination.

“We just want them to know that the community supports what they’re doing. That we love them as students. We love what they’re doing. We love what they represent and who they represent,” said Sisco.

“Thank you to the Legacy group and to the alumni and for just stepping up and helping these boys. It's going to make us and the school itself even better,” said Coach Smith.  

“Thank you, and we appreciate it. They really love Chamberlain and they really appreciate us and what we’re doing here,” Cornelio said.

“It feels good, because those are the kinds of things that I want to do when I graduate, just come back and help out,” said Moyer. “Thank you, guys!”

The Legacy Alliance also supplied the football team with uniforms and gear this fall. The group is looking for more alumni and community support to ensure students at Chamberlain High School have the same opportunities they experienced. You can connect with the Chamberlain High School Legacy Alliance on social media:

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