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The First Check Arrives from the Education Referendum

April 03, 2019 - Points of Pride

A $9 million check has been deposited into the bank – paid to the order of Hillsborough County Public Schools. Superintendent Jeff Eakins, surrounded by Board Members at Mitchell Elementary School, showed-off the check and thanked the community for making it happen.

“We just received the very first installment from the January sales tax collection. Over $9 million dollar check. Really, today is a day to say thank you. Thank you to our residents who entrusted their votes to Hillsborough County Public Schools”.

This money now paves the way for major projects at traditional district schools in every area of our county.

The projects will be spread over the next 10 years as the state collects and sends the money to our district. Our facilities and maintenance teams have been working behind the scenes for the last five months to select companies that will carry out the work and begin initial planning and design for the first phase of the projects. Our district teams created a plan of 1,785 total projects over the 10 years of the Education Referendum.

Alisha Stephens is the parent of twins at Mitchell Elementary and the school’s incoming PTA president. She says she loves Mitchell but knows there are big projects that need to be done to improve the school. “So excited the community decided to stand up to support our schools,” she said. “They desperately needed this money and to see it put into action right away, I mean, as soon as the district received the money, to see it actively being used, is incredible!”

The first of the largest projects, including 21 air conditioner replacements and millions of dollars in roof repairs, will begin over the summer. Other, smaller projects will begin soon after depositing the first check.


For more about the Education Referendum projects: