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Seeing double as Robinson High School salutatorians take the stage

May 30, 2019 - Student Success

Macey and Mackenzie Hatton do everything together, including saying the same things, at the same time and sharing the role of Salutatorian at Thomas R. Robinson High School on May 29. Macey and Mackenzie are twins— Macey is older and Mackenzie will be quick to say, just by one minute.

The Hatton twins both have a GPA 6.32, they take all the same courses and play the same sport.  Their bond and competitiveness probably contribute to their identical GPAs.  They have played flag football together since elementary school. It’s bittersweet to end the sport they said, but they did end their flag football career as state champions for the fourth year in a row!

“With all the honors courses she took an extra course, so she was ahead of me, so I took an honors course as well to try to catch up,” said Mackenzie.

“It almost happened, I was almost the lone sole Salutatorian,” said Macey.

They both accepted spots at the University of Central Florida, in the honors college, planning to major in business, but they are not planning to live together— they are ready for the change.

Congratulations to the Macey and Mackenzie and the class of 2019 at Robinson High. GO KNIGHTS!


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