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School is OUT and crews are IN -- working to replace a/c's in 21 of our schools!

June 06, 2019 - Points of Pride

As soon as students, teachers and staff left for summer break, construction workers moved in to begin extensive work to overhaul or replace air conditioning systems. A total of 32 local companies, design professionals and construction companies, are working with district operations and schools to get these projects complete by August 1—putting work and money right back into our community.

This is all thanks to taxpayers who approved the half-penny sales tax back in November. This ten-year referendum will allow the district to complete more than 1,700 school projects, including 203 air conditioning overhauls or replacements, 63 aging roof replacements, $23 million in safety and security improvements. In addition, a total of $25 million over ten years will be dedicated to transforming classrooms with technology to develop job skills for tomorrow’s economy. At least $500,000 will be invested at every school in buildings owned by our district.

Foresight Construction Company has more than 80 employees working on the project at Walker Middle Magnet School and Lowry Elementary School. “We are going to eliminate a lot of the hot and cold spots from the system, and really make the kids more comfortable,” said Adam Boudreaux, Vice President of Foresight.

“We are very excited; the kids need an environment where they can thrive as learners. The process to get this going has been seamless from our school to the district departments, the team at Foresight and the staff next door at Hammond Elementary, because we are using their space right now for our summer staff to work,” said Heather Holloway, Walker Middle Magnet School Principal.

Over the next eight weeks, contractors will be at schools removing ceiling tiles, de-commissioning existing systems, receiving new parts, installing piping and equipment, and making sure all electrical work is complete, before the final cleaning and complete test by the time students return on August 12.

This summer, the following schools are having work completed on their air conditioning:

Alonso High School

Benito Middle School

Blake High School

Burnett Middle School

Clark Elementary Schoo

Colson Elementary School

Dickenson Elementary School

Dunbar Elementary School

Durant High School

Folsom Elementary School

Knights Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

Lithia Springs Elementary School

Lowry Elementary School

Riverview High School

Schwarzkopf Elementary School

Sickles High School

Walden Lake Elementary School

Walker Middle Magnet School

Wharton High School

Woodbridge Elementary School

Last summer, B.T. Washington, Crestwood Elementary, Cypress Creek Elementary, Edison Elementary, Gorrie Elementary, Morgan Woods Elementary, Rodgers Middle School, Roosevelt Elementary, Williams Middle Magnet School and Wilson Elementary School had air conditioning projects completed at their school.

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