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Image for Hillsborough County Public Schools Test Drives Electric Cars in Drivers Ed Programs
Hillsborough County Public Schools teams up with TECO to become a state and national leader in bringing electric cars into its drivers ed program

Hillsborough County Public Schools Test Drives Electric Cars in Drivers Ed Programs

August 08, 2019 - Partners in Education

In the Drivers Ed parking lot at Bloomingdale High School, a small silver car silently takes laps. It’s quiet, smooth and electric!

“We’re excited to launch the first program in the state that would introduce electric vehicles into the Drivers Education program,” said Kenneth Hernandez, a TECO employee AND a graduate of Bloomingdale High School.

This was his idea. To introduce this new technology to students who are just learning to drive—and help them understand the importance of going electric.

Bloomingdale’s Drivers Ed instructor, Mike Lankford, is really excited about the new addition to his Drivers Ed course. He thinks it’s important to help students learn on the technology they’ll be using when they’re older.

“It’s the future,” he said. “Everything we do is prepare them for the future and I really believe this is where the auto industry is going to go.”

He admits the electric car takes a little getting used to. “It’s a lot more smooth than I expected. I didn’t  expect it to be like that. I didn’t expect it to have any power—but it does. It’s a little different but it’s neat trying to figure it out.

Using electric cars will be less expensive, as well. They don’t need gas, no oil changes and they’re easier to take care of—PLUS the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.  

So, will our other high schools soon see electric cars and charging stations popping up on campus?

“We hope to learn from these first three schools,” explained Hernandez. “We want to get feedback from students and instructors and see what the next steps would be to expand this across the county.”