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Achievement Schools celebrate gains in 3rd Grade Reading

August 09, 2019 - Student Success

Students are just days away from heading back to class, back to the books and eventually back to test taking to measure what they’ve learned. As school leaders and teachers are looking forward to the new school year, they’re also looking back on last year’s successes and working to advance that progress.

One of the Florida Standards Assessments, tests students in Reading starting in third grade.

14 Achievement Schools, our district’s highest needs schools, are celebrating gains in Third Grade FSA test scores: Bing, Broward, Bryan, Edison, Just, Kenly, McDonald, Oak Park, Palm River, Pizzo, Potter, Sullivan, Thompson and Thonotosassa.

Sullivan Partnership and Edison Elementary showed the biggest gains.

“When we got our results back, we noticed we were up 29 percentage points with our Third Grade Reading. We knew they would be good, but we did not expect them to be that great, so we’re super excited,” said Erin Fiallo, Edison Elementary Assistant Principal. “We really looked at what did we do differently to really improve these scores, because that’s a pretty big jump!”

Edison Third Grade ReadingFiallo credits Edison’s two Third Grade English Language Arts teachers, Amy Stoffer and Nikevia McCray, for making bold changes to help students succeed. 

“Every day they plan together, they met after school to discuss what their students were doing, how the lesson went, what changes need to be made. We also implemented this year common assessments,” said Fiallo.

By the end of third grade, students are expected to be able to read independently—they can read and understand words, sentences and paragraphs without help. Students’ growth at Edison has their ELA teachers beaming with pride.

“We were both very excited. We were glad that change in what we did worked, so that’s what we’re going to do going forward,” said Amy Stoffer, Edison Elementary 3rd Grade English Language Arts Teacher. “We used a lot of the iReady, paired text with our other Reading curriculum and FSA-style questions, so they would be able to understand those questions when they actually saw them, said Stoffer.

Edison Third Grade ReadingEdison Third Grade Reading

Reading is the foundation to ensure our students are on the path to graduation and set up for success in school and in life. That’s why our district is laser-focused on literacy and making sure students are “On-Level” in Third Grade Reading.

Superintendent Jeff Eakins believes success starts with having the right conditions for learning:

  • Opportunities for reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • High quality informational and literary texts.
  • Classroom libraries to support diverse learners.
  • Anchor charts and word walls to reinforce literacy learning.

Fiallo believes students’ success is a team effort from school staff to families and support from our district and community.

“Our kids know they’re more than just a test score. We really care about them inside and outside of school. Celebrating them and their successes, working with their families to help build them as stronger readers and learners and really working together as a team. We have a really good family feel here at Edison, it’s not just the teachers and the students—it’s everybody.”

Our Achievement Schools team is committed to closing the achievement gap and leveling the playing field for all our students in Hillsborough County with unprecedented resources and support for our highest needs schools. Leaders believe the stage is set for students to continue to shine and make great gains.   

“We have that foundation and now we’re just building onto that. Our data is just going to continue to grow. This is just the beginning for us,” Fiallo said.

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