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Image for Team Sherwin! Twins at Strawberry Crest High exemplify success in every way!
Nicholas and Benjamin Sherwin have started a non-profit organization to help students called Patch Up Pediatrics

Team Sherwin! Twins at Strawberry Crest High exemplify success in every way!

August 10, 2019 - Student Success

Tracy Sherwin is a proud mom. Her twin sons are seniors at Strawberry Crest High School and they are both incredible, intelligent, involved and giving young men.

They’re also modest—so they’d never toot their own horns.

So, Tracy decided to do the tooting for them!

Benjamin and Nicholas have grown up in Hillsborough County Public Schools. They attended Bevis Elementary, Randall Middle and now Strawberry Crest for its International Baccalaureate program.

Academically, both young men are outstanding. They are both very interested in STEM and have spent their past few summers working prestigious internships at organizations that will further their educations.

Benjamin applied for, and received, the HIP IMO Moffitt internship—the same internship Nick completed the summer before! It’s a mathematical oncology-centric internship program. Both boys conducted research for Moffitt, and Ben's research will be published in just a few weeks! 

Nicholas was chosen for the Bank of America Student Leaders Program. It’s an eight week internship where students work at a non-profit organization. Nick chose the Carey Family Boys & Girls Club of Brandon. As part of this program, Nick flew to D.C. to gain insight into Florida’s education laws and actually speak to lawmakers about more funding for our schools.

However, what really stands out among all the achievements is a little organization called Patch Up Pediatrics. It’s a non-profit that creates and distributes first aid kits for schools around Hillsborough County. Nicholas and Benjamin founded it during their sophomore year at Strawberry Crest.

The first aid kits are like little backpacks filled with wipes and bandages and anything students may need in an emergency.

The twins came up with the idea because of their love of medicine and the local community.

Recently, they delivered hundreds of the kits to families at Dover Elementary School. You can learn more about the organization at

patch up pediatrics business card

As for the future, Nicholas and Benjamin aren’t quite sure what’s in store—they’re looking at Stanford, Dartmouth or the University of Pennsylvania to further their educations.

But whatever the future brings, they know they want to tackle it together.

What Tracy is most proud of is the way her boys excel WITH compassion and WITHOUT competition. They are a team. Team Sherwin. And they are ready to change the world for the better!


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