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New Entrepreneurship Class Teaches Students How to Start a Business

September 09, 2019 - Student Success

Students in Hillsborough County are taking advantage of a new entrepreneurship class where they learn the basics of starting a business. Students also learn computer coding in order to create a apps for a business startup.

"The entrepreneurship class means a lot for my students. It helps them to develop their creativity and apply it to the engineer and design process. At the end of the year the kids will do a showcase where they present the apps they designed," said Selena Lewis, Young Middle Magnet teacher.

The class is offered at a handful of schools, including Young Middle Magnet. Lewis says introducing these concepts to students as young as middle school helps to develop an entrepreneurial mindset long before college. 

"This class, I feel like it makes you feel you could really own your own business and it teaches you how to do it," said student Paulsafira Celestin.

Hillsborough Community College also helps with the program, participating in lessons with students and even inviting entrepreneurship students to their facilities to learn

HCC Assistant Professor Andy Gold says the class is more than just teaching students how to start a business.

"It’s about developing a way of thinking or an entrepreneurial mindset. We know they’ll develop entrepreneurial competencies. Those skills are the skills that employers are really looking for. We will be making students more workforce ready and more competitive," Gold said.


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