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Mitchell Elementary Students Share Positive Messages for #StartWithHello Week

September 26, 2019 - Points of Pride

Students at Mitchell Elementary are sharing inspirational messages across the school on Post-It notes as part of a project called "Start with Hello." Hundreds of sticky notes lined doors at the school with positive messages like, "Your smile lights up this planet."

Fourth-grader Kyle Cavignano wrote "If you believe in yourself you can overcome any problems that come your way," on a note for his classmates to see.

"If someone's having a rough day, it may help boost their mood," Cavignano said.

The notes are helping students come together. 

Cavignano's classmate Caroline Bland lost her grandmother last week. She says the messages came at the perfect time.

"It makes me feel so positive in that I don't have to be sad all the time because I have a bunch of kind notes and friends to help me," Bland said. 

"The goal and the message we're sending to our students is to connect as a family, and to come together," said Guidance Counselor Kyleen Carpenter.

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