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Why #WeAchieveTogether: Teacher Shantell Pass

October 09, 2019 - Employee Excellence

Why #WeAchieveTogether is a weekly blog from our Achievement Schools. It highlights the outstanding work of our staff and the high quality programs that help our students succeed.

Shantell Pass is a fifth grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher at Robles Elementary School.

This is my second school year at Robles Elementary School. My reason for coming here is because this is my home. This was my elementary school. I had a lot of people here who helped me stay focused and set goals for myself, so I wanted to come back and help these students with that and have that same feeling of success coming out of Robles.

You can jump higher than your circumstances may dictate, and these students can create their own stories. This is the place I want to be. This is the place I feel that I can help the most. It fulfills my “Why?” When students come in and I see their “ah-ha!” moments, and when they pull me aside and we have conversations and are growing and problem solving together—I love it.

My goals are to see the gains in my students and to make connections overall. I like to connect with families and with students outside of the academics. This is not just a job. I am a U.S. Marine Corps. veteran, so it was my career change to teach. I’m not just here teaching these kids, I’m also learning so much from them and their families, their stories and their experiences. To grow with them is so gratifying.

The support at Robles is tremendous. We have a lot of curriculum resources, as well as human resources, to help us out. When I get the support I need, I am able to ensure my students have the support they need. It makes a big difference.

We switched from ELA to EL (Expeditionary Learning) Education, and the way that’s laid out, it’s really given the children more value. They are not just learning a standard—they are learning real life things that are important and that matter to them. It’s amazing to see their increased engagement because it makes more sense and is more relevant to them.

I am a proud teacher of a group of world changers. Our students are why I am here.

This is Why #WeAchieveTogether.

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