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Students Create LEGO Space Capsules for EDUpreneur Day

October 04, 2019 - Partners in Education

Students at Riverwalk STEM Academy at Just Elementary and Stewart Middle Magnet School designed their own space capsules with LEGO learning tools for EDUpreneur Day. They had help from 50 volunteers from Ernst and Young to officially kick off Space Week.

Teachers and volunteers prompted students at both schools with a challenge to create a space exploration capsule capable of delivering equipment to the International Space Station, and then the moon. Students had to first sketch out a design, then work together using LEGO learning tools to build a model.

"We use the engineering design process as a place where students can work on real life problems and apply what they know from math and science," said Larry Plank, Director of K-12 STEM Education.

Elementary students focused primarily on design, while middle schoolers were asked to depend equally on math and design skills for the problem. 

"My favorite part is working together," said third grader Adrian Woodard.

The United Way Suncoast, The Alliance for Public Schools, and LEGO Education also partnered with Hillsborough County Public Schools for this "out of this world" event.