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Thursday, October 10 is World Mental Health Day... But did you know every school has a Student Services Team that is available to talk and support you?

Your SCHOOL is a Mental Health Resource

October 10, 2019 - Points of Pride

Our vision at Hillsborough County Public Schools is to Prepare Students for Life. That’s not limited to their education. We also aim to make our students healthy, whole, well-rounded people.

Mental health is a priority for our school district and we have put the resources and people in place at EVERY ONE of our schools to provide our students the help they may need.

We want our students to know their SCHOOL is a mental health resource.

Each school has a Student Services Team made up of school counselors, school psychologists, registered nurses and school social workers. They are there to help, whatever the struggle may be. A student can request to speak with them at any time. The Student Services team is also available if a family member may have a question or concern about a student.

So, what's the process?

  • Step 1: Ask to talk. It's as easy as walking into the schools' front office and requesting to speak with a member of the Student Services Team.
  • Step 2: The Student Services team member will assess and triage the situation.
  1. Does the student need school-based interventions? That could vary from something as simple as a conversation to small group or individual counseling.
  2. Does the student need services from outside the school system? We have many community partners who are available and willing to help any student in need. Hillsborough County Public Schools can possibly assist if there is a barrier to a student receiving these services; such as no insurance, no transportation or if they have no permanent place to stay.
  3. Does the student need immediate intervention? If there is an immediate crisis our Student Services Team would contact 211, the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay.
  • Step 3:The Student Services Team will put a plan in place to make sure the student gets the help and support they need.

Our Student Services Team is there to help. Please use them as a resource for any struggle, no matter how large or small.

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