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Image for Hillsborough High Seniors conduct mock interviews with local businesses
Real world professionals interviewed Hillsborough High students during "Mock Interview" Day.

Hillsborough High Seniors conduct mock interviews with local businesses

October 11, 2019 - Partners in Education

Senior year is both an exciting and anxious time.

Students are juggling many things including keeping their grades up, college applications, searching for trade schools and looking to enroll in the military.

Teacher Jessica Raia-Long wants to make sure her students are also learning real world skills.

For the past three years, Raia-Long has been teaching the “Senior Survivor” class at Hillsborough High School.

The class teaches students the skills necessary to live on their own. Concepts include managing your money, consumer choices and finding a job, along with preparing for interviews.

This week, students dressed to impress as they conducted mock interviews with local companies.

“This year, I used a career portfolio technique, where over the course of the last couple of weeks we spent time in the media center and students created their resumes and cover letters,” said Raia-Long.

Real world professionals asked students questions they use when interviewing a potential employee.

“In these mock interviews, I learned how important it is to have professionalism when you walk into an interview,” said Senior Alexandra Croft. “Everything from your appearance to how you speak, your hand gestures and body language.”

Croft said she feels prepared for her future job interviews.

“It’s extremely valuable, because not many people get that experience,” said Croft. “They just get shoved out into the real world and have to figure it out for themselves without having a guide to show you what you need to do.”

Students from past classes told Raia-Long how helpful the “Senior Survivor” class has been once they graduated from high school.

“Many of my students came back to me and told me how important it is to build that reputation and network with individuals that will help you later on in your career,” she said. “I had two students from last year, one enlisted in the military and the other is working part time. Both students said this course really helped them prepare for job interviews and the real world.”


Special thanks to these local companies for participating in the mock interview event:

LeAnn Achey - Valet Living

Quint Bodine - Heartland Payments

Mike Long - VetCor Franchising

Tonya McGriff-Stice - Coca Cola Corp

Scott Walden - VetCor Services

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