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Image for A Half-Penny Delivers HUGE Results!
Big projects are going on now—and many more are in the planning stages.

A Half-Penny Delivers HUGE Results!

October 18, 2019 - Trending in Schools

Nearly $72 MILLION dollars!

That’s how much the half-penny Education Referendum has raised so far for our schools.

And, as of October 9, $66 million of that has already gone back into our schools.

As we’ve mentioned, summer is the time when we can get most of the really large projects taken care of, however, there are many projects going on right now.

Here are three of them:

  • Riverview High School – Contractors are completing electrical and mechanical work in the evenings in order to get the A/C overhaul completed. This will improve the working environment in the main office as well as an entire building of classrooms.
  • Burnett Middle School – Crews are working on the roofing and A/C replacement, removing and replacing 125,000 square feet of gravel roofing and installing 3 new chillers with pumps. This will help provide precise temperature control, use less energy and reduce noise.
  • Durant High School – Construction crews are working on re-roofing, painting stucco and replacing exterior doors. They’re also conducting electrical work associated with the A/C and fire alarm replacements.

So, what’s next?

Our Operations Team is currently hiring architects and construction managers for the following projects to take place Summer 2020.

Projects are picked based on the age of the school, age of its equipment and the number of maintenance requests that come in each school year.

Here are the projects that have been decided on so far:

  • Eisenhower Middle – Partial A/C and re-roofing, interior & exterior painting, repave parking lot
  • Leto High – Partial A/C and re-roofing, security and fire alarm system, intercom system
  • Franklin Middle – Partial A/C and re-roofing
  • Newsome High – Partial A/C and re-roofing, exterior painting and waterproofing
  • Robinson Elementary – Partial A/C and re-roofing, electrical upgrade, window replacement
  • Pride Elementary – Partial A/C and re-roofing
  • Gibsonton Elementary – Partial A/c and re-roofing, exterior painting, fire alarm system & parking lot repaving
  • Adam Middle – Partial A/C and re-roofing
  • Webb Middle – Partial A/C, interior & exterior painting, stage system, fire alarm system
  • Young Middle – Partial A/C
  • Westchase Elementary – Partial A/C
  • LaVoy Center – Complete A/C replacement
  • Valrico Elementary – Partial A/C, repave parking lot
  • Memorial Middle – Partial A/C, security & phone systems, flooring & windows
  • Bevis Elementary – Partial A/C


You can find out about the projects under construction right now, as well as see before, during and after pictures at: