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Dinosaurs, STEM, Antartica, comic books, what do they all have in common?

October 21, 2019 - Trending in Schools

In conjunction with the National Science Foundation, author Greg Neri and illustrator Corban Wilkin, teamed up to create a series of comics and a graphic novel on Antarctica for teens. Last week, some of our students were able to meet the world-traveling author and illustrator, which was a perfect way to celebrate TEENtober.

What exactly is TEENtober?

It’s a new, nationwide celebration that celebrates teens, promotes year-round teen services and aims to fuel their literary passions.

Author Greg Neri was once stationed in Antarctica for two months. He worked with scientists above and below the ice shelf, in polar deserts, at volcanos and inside penguin colonies. Those adventures helped shape the fictional story, “The Time Traveling Dino Detectives of Antarctica." This comic follows the team that discovered the first dinosaur and the lost forests of this extreme place on earth.

Neri and Wilkin spent a week visiting our schools sharing their experience and how it translated into a story that will hopefully inspire teens. Students received signed posters and books and were able to ask questions. 

One student asked Neri for some tips on writing a book, and Neri encouraged future authors to be easy on themselves—the first draft will not be a masterpiece.

Even though they focused their session mostly on their experience in Antarctica, Neri and Wilkin also share stories about their book, “Grand Theft Horse” and Wilkins taught students how to draw a horse.

A huge thank you to Library Media Services in our district for making this weeklong event happen— after a year of planning!