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Our district is dedicated to uncovering the truth about a possible cemetery at King High School

October 24, 2019 - Trending in Schools

On Thursday, October 17th, it was brought to the district’s attention that a possible unmarked cemetery for indigent citizens may be on the campus of King High School.

There is conflicting information about where this cemetery might be based on appraisals and deeds, aerial maps and historical county and school records.

However, it is a high priority of our district to make sure we find this cemetery, while respecting the people who may be buried there, as well as their families.

We have contracted with a company called GeoView to map and scan the areas the cemetery may be located. The company began its work Wednesday. It’s expected to take three days to map and scan the land and then another two to three days to analyze the data.

If no signs of a cemetery are found during this initial scan, the radar scanning will move to the northeast corner of the King High School property where another document says the cemetery may be located.

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