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Town 'n' Country's STEMtober Fest!

October 29, 2019 - Trending in Schools


Hub (n): the effective center of an activity, region or network.

Town ‘n’ Country families celebrated STEMtober the way one would expect from a hub: together as a community.

On October 17, Webb Middle hosted STEMtober Fest along with the rest of the area’s STEM Hub schools. STEM Hub schools focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It consists of Woodbridge, Town and Country, Morgan Woods and Dickensen Elementary—all bringing their STEM knowledge to Webb Middle before attending Leto High.

“Our community has enjoyed a great night. Future Spiders are getting to meet all of us and participate in different STEM activities,” said Frank Diaz, principal at Webb Middle. “It gives us a great opportunity to showcase our school so that parents can see all the great things that happen here at Webb.”

The evening’s activities ranged from coding and robotics to art and music lessons.

While the Webb drumline entertained the crowd in the courtyard, the 4th grade Science Olympic Championships took place inside of the gym.

The Marshmallow Competition tasked students to engineer a marshmallow flyer—seeing who could propel a marshmallow through the air the farthest. “This supports their content standards by working with force and motion as they propelled the marshmallows and measured how far it went,” said Christina Calve, Science Resource Teacher at Town and Country Elementary.

Students also created marble roller coasters. Participants were required to create a track that had hills, tunnels and loops. “They have learned about gravitational force and how the marble has to go down (the roller coaster track). Their marble has to go down and hit a cup the farthest as the marble transfers the energy,” said Kelsy Gonsowski, Science Resource Teacher at Woodbridge Elementary.

In the true spirits of a Hub, STEMtober Fest brought the community together in ways beyond the classroom walls. Students from Leto High’s ROTC helped direct parking and community partners such as the Tampa Bay Lightning, Moffitt and the Boys & Girls Club organized food and entertainment for the community event.


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