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Alonso Theatre students invited to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

October 30, 2019 - Student Success



Alonso High School Theatre students in school auditorium.

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Alonso High Theatre students are set to take center stage at the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

“We are so honored to be selected to participate,” said Lisa Vorreiter, Alonso Theatre Department’s Director. “Students will be immersed in a theatre atmosphere that includes over 4,000 Fringe shows.”

‘The Fringe’ is a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It takes place during a three-week period each summer and is widely considered the single largest celebration of arts and culture on the planet.

How special is this selection? Alonso is one of only 48 high schools in North America chosen to participate!

“The students will perform their full length show four times at ‘The Fringe’ and we will get to do a 20 minute show on the Royal Mile,” said Mrs. Vorreiter.

The theatre students will also participate in workshops with industry professionals and learn Scottish dance.

This is the first time a Hillsborough County school has received an invitation to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Vorreiter recognizes that the experiences will push her students to go further in their theatrical endeavors.

“It will open their eyes to different cultures and different types of theatre while providing professional opportunities for them,” said Mrs. Vorreiter.

After an extensive application process, Mrs. Vorreiter and her students were thrilled to receive the official acceptance letter to the world famous festival.

“It was such a rush but we quickly realized we needed to start raising the funds to make it happen,” said Mrs. Vorreiter. “This is a huge financial commitment for the families!”

Students and parents are currently raising funds by working concession stands at Raymond James Stadium, having car washes, donut sales and much more.

Mrs. Vorreiter is confident that this trip will serve an even larger purpose for her students. “Even if they don’t go into theatre as a profession, these students will always be a supporter of the arts.

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