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In our family newsletter, School Shout, we asked families and students about an educator they appreciate. Here are just a few of their responses.

Students & Families Discuss the Staff they Love

November 19, 2019 - Employee Excellence

In our family newsletter, School Shout, we asked families and students about an educator they appreciate. Here are just a few of their responses:


Mrs. Ordetx – History Teacher at Steinbrenner High School

Mrs. Ordetx is always focused on her students’ best interests. She is engaging, funny, kind and caring. She is organized and prepares her students well for assessments yet always makes learning fun.


Mrs. Ferlita – Media Center Specialist at Ballast Point Elementary

I’m a first time kindergarten mom. I have done a lot of volunteering at the school and every day she gives each child the brightest smile and welcome. She also has answered so many of my first-timer questions, made me feel a part of the school and released so much of my anxiety. I see her multi-task every morning and helping all the kids log into the computers, eat their breakfast, etc. all done with a smile. She recently gave out book fair coupons to kids who got the highest AR points in the first quarter per grade level. To say that she made my son’s week is an understatement when he told me he could get his “dragon book”. I could go on, but every parent I’ve talked to about her just raves about her and it’s very easy to see why.


Ms. Nicole Davis and Ms. Nicole Lamberton – Teachers at Schwarzkopf Elementary

Ms. Nicole Davis and Ms. Nicole Lamberton are a grade 4 Dream Team at Schwarzkopf Elementary School. These ladies exemplify a gold standard of “best practice” for educators. I am a parent and educator myself and these ladies are, by far, an inspiration to all educators! They exemplify the collaboration and teamwork needed to provide students with the best educational opportunities and resources each day. They inspire their students and make learning fun and positive. As an educator, and a mother of four boys (the youngest of whom is fortunate enough to have these two wonderful women as his teachers this year), I can honestly say that these two teachers are among the best of any teachers I have worked with personally or that my boys have had in the past! This teaching team is one to be recognized for all of their time, hard work, love of teaching/educating and definitely as a role model for students and teachers alike.


Mrs. Stallings – First Grade Teacher at MacFarlane Park Elementary

We love Mrs. Stallings, first grade teacher at MacFarlane Park Elementary! She is invested in her students as if they were her own. She walks alongside our children, motivating, challenging, guiding and caring for them. She is the kind of teacher who inspires her students to be true to themselves, to be kind to others, and to believe that they can achieve beyond their wildest dreams. In a world of testing, quotas, achievement and budget cuts, she creates a classroom where curiosity is celebrated, uniqueness is encouraged, critical thinking is valued and emotional intelligence is developed. Every child feels seen, heard, and supported. Cheers to you Mrs. Stallings!


David Mossor – AP Physics & Chemistry Teacher at Sickles High

Mr. Mossor is not an easy teacher, but he believes in his students and pushes them to learn and succeed. He gets to know each of his students to make a point to help them be the best they can be. He realizes each student is an individual and they do not all learn the same. His class is not easy, but in the end we gain so much more than a grade. We gain knowledge to help them as they move through the next phase of their life.


Mrs. Kling – Kindergarten Teacher at Yates Elementary

Mrs. Kling helps my son feel loved and valued. He comes home from school some days in such a great mood. For example: today he came home and said, “Mom, Mrs. Kling let me eat lunch with her outside instead of the loud lunch room.” My son hates loud noises. I am so happy and blessed to have her as my son’s teacher!”


Deputy Charity Arthur - Smith Middle School

Deputy Arthur has been feeding and clothing students all over Hillsborough County for many years. She has been a mother to hundreds of students who don’t have one, and has helped just as many graduate high school. She’s the heart of Smith Middle School.


Mrs. Tashundra “Tia” Hayden – Tinker K-8

Mrs. Hayden is an asset to the Hillsborough County Public School District. She has been nothing short of amazing. Since we arrived at Tinker K-8 five years ago, she has taken my children under her wing and helped them along throughout their school years there. She goes above and beyond and has all the children’s best interests at heart.


Brandy Jackson – Robotics Teacher at Eisenhower Middle

Mrs. Jackson is an awesome teacher. This is only the third year having robotics at Eisenhower and she took over the class last school year after having some issues finding a permanent teacher. She is wonderful with the students and seems to truly care for each one. This year she is taking things to a new level and now they have a robotics team that will be doing competitions this year.


Mrs. Rebecca Schwartz – Fifth Grade Teacher at Roosevelt Elementary

I would like to recognize my wife, Mrs. Rebecca Schwartz. She teaches 5th grade English/Language Arts at Roosevelt Elementary School and is a wonderful teacher, mother and wife. We are a military family and she has endured multiple moves and all associated challenges. I am so proud of her accomplishments and know that she brings a unique perspective to Roosevelt, as she encourages the theme of “we are all connected.” I know Mrs. Schwartz has inspired so many children and her dedication and compassion continues to amaze me.


Ms. Brown – Ferrell Middle Magnet School

Ms. Brown empowers her girls every day and she is not afraid to keep it real. She makes sure her class is never boring and she has helped get me through tough times when I feel like I can’t do it. When I see her, even when I’m having the worst day, somehow a smile creeps up on my face. She never takes breaks when it comes to her kids and she treats us as her own.


Mr. Daniel – Chamberlain High School

Mr. Daniel cares for his students and makes sure they are happy. He is always there for his students when they are feeling down. He makes sure everyone feels safe and respected in his classroom. Not only does he teach his students about music but he also teaches them about life.


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