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Rampello K8 Downtown Partnership Magnet School becomes an AVID National Demonstration School

November 26, 2019 - Points of Pride

Rampello K8 Downtown Partnership Magnet School was awarded the distinction of AVID National Demonstration School. This recognition comes from years of hard work and commitment from the leadership, educators, and families of Rampello K8. Rampello exemplifies the key characteristics of a quality AVID model for others to replicate.

AVID, or Advancement via Individual Determination, is a nonprofit that changes lives by helping schools shift to a more equitable, student-centered approach. AVID professional development is a major component of AVID district-wide. Rampello is the only school in Hillsborough Schools to be a current AVID National Demonstration School. As a National Demonstration School, and center for teaching and learning, Rampello will serve as marketing partners with AVID Center. The school met specific criteria—demonstrating an on-going pursuit of excellence, both in AVID Elective and AVID school-wide, to ensure college readiness for all AVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all. Schools will now visit Rampello and learn from their best practices.

“Just like there are teaching hospitals, I want to be a teaching school where others can come into our campus and learn from our best practices."     

- Rampello Principal, Liz Uppercue

Rampello AVID ClassroomAVID National Team members came to Rampello to present them with the award. They conducted school-wide walkthroughs and took a more in-depth look inside the AVID classrooms—where there is more conversation, structured movement, and student-centered activity. During the teacher/student panel, the national team asked students and teachers questions about their AVID experience.  Throughout the day, the national team members witnessed the strong collaboration in the classrooms. They saw first-hand the dedication that teachers show in their creation of systems to support learning goals and actively refine the goals to make students successful.

“I enjoy the great environment that’s in the school, walk-in it’s very comfortable—you feel like you are at home. The AVID program helps us be very organized and prepares us for high schools.” - Arianna Gonzalez, Rampello 8th grader.

avid student panel RampelloIn our district, there are more than 11,000 students immersed in school-wide AVID programs to improve performance across all content areas. The AVID system in Hillsborough Schools currently consists of 100 sites, which includes Elementary, Middle, and High Schools—making our district the largest implementation of AVID Schools in the Country!

“It has been such an honor to see the continued growth of AVID in Hillsborough Schools; in the past 12 years of AVID, it’s hard to put into words just how much of an impact our AVID educators have had on thousands of students throughout the years. It is not just the academic support that AVID provides that makes it valuable to a student, it is also the relationships and AVID families that are created within AVID that continue to empower our students to challenge themselves and pursue their goals.”

- Jazheel Lenegar-Brown, Supervisor of Academic Programs at Hillsborough Schools

This past summer, over 700 of our educators were trained at the AVID Summer Institute, and district facilitated workshops. AVID trains 80,000 educators annually to close the opportunity gap so that they can prepare all students for college, careers, and life.

AVID students in our schools continue to excel both socially and academically, with several of our AVID seniors graduating with honors and some serving as their school’s Valedictorian or Salutatorian. This past year, Hillsborough Schools had two Dell Scholar winners, both AVID seniors.

We are proud of the entire AVID family in Hillsborough Schools for their hard work, making AVID successful in our district and congratulations to Rampello Downtown Partnership Magnet School on this prestigious recognition.


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