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Bringing the community together to ensure all students are ready for college and the workforce

January 14, 2020 - Student Success

All students are different; they learn differently, look different, talk different, process information differently. So, the question is, how can we speak to every student in a distinctive way to help them be successful in life?

In partnership with the College Board, our Advanced Academic Department held its first College and Career Symposium to focus on just that—all students and their ability to learn.

This Symposium was an opportunity to join all stakeholders, for a day that focuses on building awareness and bridging a constructive discussion for educators, families, and community leaders in Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas. District leaders were able to showcase resources that students can explore in our schools to prepare for their future while inspiring them to own their post-secondary college and career options.

Throughout the day, participants had a chance to attend learning community breakout sessions that focused on our CTE programs, rigorous coursework, all of the Advanced Academics and support pieces, our support measures with AVID and a variety of different career paths. Students from our high schools and middle schools participated in a student panel, letting everyone know how their classes are preparing them once they walk across that stage.

“This was a chance for parents, educators, and community members to come together and create actions and intentions.  To truly make sure students are ready to enter the workforce immediately after high school or enroll in college,” said Ayana Lucas, Coordinator for Teaching and Learning in our district.

By then end of the Symposium, the goal was for all guests to gain an understanding and awareness of what a student needs to own their learning, and for guests to make an active commitment to help meet the needs of our students in Hillsborough County.

“All children need to be loved, fostered and have positive affirmations daily because we as adults may not know where these children are coming from— get to know them a little better that way we are prepared to teach them a little differently,” said House Representative Dianne Hart, who was the keynote speaker for the Symposium.

Our district and the College Board have a long-term partnership to support college readiness. The College Board provides a team member, Dr. Angela Scott, who works directly with our district and our school to help achieve this goal.

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