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Image for Be Prepared, Not Scared: Taking Precautions Against Flu & Coronavirus
Crews are starting to place hand sanitizing machines at each of our school's entrances as well as in each of our 900+ school buses.

Be Prepared, Not Scared: Taking Precautions Against Flu & Coronavirus

March 02, 2020 - Trending in Schools

Be prepared… But not scared.

That’s the message Hillsborough County Public Schools is relaying to our staff, families and students.

And we are prepared to keep our school families as healthy as possible during flu season and the threat of coronavirus.

Monday morning, crews began work on installing hand sanitizers at the main entrance of every one of our 235 schools, and into each of our more than 900 school buses.

“We will be teaching them, in their classrooms, proper handwashing and proper cleanliness, which we do all the time anyway but of course we’ll re-emphasize it,” said Gorrie Elementary School Principal Marjorie Sandler. “Our children are pretty good about using hand dispensers… So they know to use it quite frequently.”

Sandler says she’s getting some questions from parents, mostly about proper hygiene practices. She says parents want to know whether kids are being instructed to wash their hands after recess and before lunch. She assures them, they are.

As a reminder, schools are also hanging flyers around their schools showing proper ways to stop the spread of germs. At least 50 of them are being placed around each school.

Students are urged to wash their hands often, use hand sanitizer, sneeze or cough into your elbow or into a tissue, avoid touching your face and stay home when you are sick.

Our teachers are making efforts to post all assignments on Edsby so students who are sick can stay home and still get their assignments completed.

The school district will continue to stay in contact with the Florida Department of Health and update our families whenever there is new information.