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eLearning... From a Teacher's Point of View

April 04, 2020 - Employee Excellence

Teaching through Zoom is the new normal for fourth grade teacher, Aviva Baker.

Last week, Baker held her first teaching lesson for her students at Jackson Elementary through the video conference program.

“They’ve [my students] gotten much more adaptive, sending messaging and email so it has been great,” said Baker 

Throughout her Spring Break, Baker, along with hundreds of teachers in our district, took various types of trainings. 

“One of them was an amazing webinar,  which included teachers from Washington state, they were able to give good insight on things that worked with their students,” said Baker. “Including the packets, putting notes in the packets and communicating with students.”

Baker feels confident in using Edsby to teach her students online. This week, new content is being taught to her students, which includes geometry. She wants her students to continue learning while not falling behind.

“I think that we should remember that our entire nation is going through this,” she said. “I am very proud that Hillsborough County and the state of Florida is continuing to teach our students because we need to keep doing that.”

On a weekly basis, her students are required to turn in up to three assignments. Some of them are uploading pictures while others are sending the homework packets back, which Baker says has been successful.

“This is the security for many of our students that they get day in and day out,” said Baker. “I think as a parent, it’s probably very overwhelming but we’re all in this together and your teachers are there to help you.”