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Professional Development helps teachers hone their craft during eLearning

“How do I get better? How do I help my kids?”

April 25, 2020 - Employee Excellence

Our passionate teachers continue to rise to the occasion and hone their craft even during eLearning. Each week, more than 3,000 participants voluntarily complete professional development through a variety of virtual trainings. Class options include Integrating Technology for Students With Disabilities and Transforming PowerPoints into Online Learning.

“This just shows an amazing sense of dedication from our teachers,” said Jamalya Jackson, HCPS Director of Professional Development. “In a word, teachers are simply selfless—they’re always doing what is best for their students.”

More than 9,000 participants completed trainings during Set Up For Success Week. In addition, nearly 2,000 participants sacrificed time during spring break to complete webinars about Edsby.

“Teachers want their students to be successful,” said Barbara Miraglia, HCPS Supervisor of Teacher Training. “This reaffirms that our teachers are eager to learn more as long as it will allow their students to thrive. Their biggest concerns are, ‘How do I get better?’ and ‘How do I help my kids?’”

Because eLearning is a new way of work for the majority of teachers, it makes the newest Professional Development course offerings even more critical.

“eLearning is more than just posting assignments and giving grades,” said Jackson. “Teachers are still responsible for relaying the actual content to students.”

One challenge of relaying content online is creating differentiated instruction depending on individual student needs—a difficult task during face-to-face instruction, let alone online. 

“eLearning can be very isolating for teachers,” said Miraglia. “Our Engaging in a Virtual Team course guides teachers to successfully collaborate with colleagues by creating virtual teams.”

Designing trainings geared towards eLearning was not an easy job. Once school closures were announced, our district’s Professional Development team began designing courses to help teachers. In just three days, the team designed and began teaching more than 20 courses with a variety of topics.

“We aim to cover topics teachers will to continue using,” said Jackson.  “This has opened up the timeframe for teachers, students and administrators to explore new technology they may have been hesitant to use.”

The courses are updated each week—providing a sense of confidence and opportunities of growth for our teachers.