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Image for School Counselor Uses her Pets to Soothe Students
School counselors are finding unique ways to help students during the school closure. Ms. Rodgers from Colson Elementary uses her pets!

School Counselor Uses her Pets to Soothe Students

April 30, 2020 - Employee Excellence

During the school closure, our counselors are exploring wonderful ways to help our students cope with this unprecedented situation.

At Colson Elementary, School Counselor Lexie Rodgers is using animals.

Ms. Rodgers says pets are really helping her through this time, so she figured, they would probably also help her young students at Colson.

She started creating videos with her pets. One video focused on coping strategies and featured her pet parrot named Rio—another video was about trust and starred one of her foster dogs, named Brandy.

Ms. Rodgers says her students really responded to both of the videos and started sending her pictures of them with their pets.

She says it’s been a very impactful way to connect with the younger children during this time.


You can watch both videos here: