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Co-Teaching for Student Success at Lockhart Magnet Elementary

May 13, 2020 - Employee Excellence

Prior to our schools closing due to the pandemic, we had the pleasure of meeting two of Hillsborough County Public School’s excellent 5th-grade teachers and discussed with them their co-teaching approach.

Danielle Topper and Jennifer Kilgannon enjoy co-teaching at Lockhart Magnet Elementary and it shows.

Co-teaching is the practice of pairing teachers together to share the responsibilities of planning, instructing, and assessing students. Danielle Topper is a language arts teacher. Jennifer Kilgannon teaches math. Together they help their students succeed.

“We collaborate on a daily basis,” said Topper. “We find it extremely important to discuss our students. What’s working and what’s not working?”

“We may see different behaviors from our students due to their strengths and weaknesses,” says Kilgannon. “We collaborate on how to help them improve where it is needed.”

The co-teach approach certainly helps the teachers but it also helps their students as it demonstrates a strong example of collaboration they can implement themselves in the classroom with their peers and also in their life outside of school.

Both Topper and Kilgannon enjoy teaching at an Achievement School.  “The amount of resources and support that we are given by the school and the district is definitely very helpful,” says Kilgannon. “We have a lot of incentives for our kids and we have fun even though we have a lot of learning to do!”

On working at an Achievement School Topper advises, “I find it very rewarding and although it may be a struggle at times you just keep going. You’ll get there!”

Topper concludes, “As a co-teach team we expect a lot out of our students, but we love them and support them every step of the way!”

This is Why #WeAchieveTogether.

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