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Keeping Her Promise

May 20, 2020 - Points of Pride

A celebratory school bus caravan including School Board Member Karen Perez surprised students from Sheehy Elementary at their homes with goody bags to celebrate the end of their school year as 5th graders.

This exciting event stemmed from Board Member Perez’s visit to a classroom at Sheehy Elementary for the Great American Teach-In last November. Board Member Perez promised the class that she would return the last week of school with lunch to reward them for a successful academic year.

Because our schools are currently closed due to the pandemic, Board Member Perez realized she could not provide students with lunch in their classroom as she had promised. However, with the help of our partners at Casper’s Company McDonald’s, students will get a special surprise at home instead to celebrate the end of the school year.

Board Member Perez, Superintendent Addison Davis, Sheehy Principal Delia Gadson, and fifth-grade teachers Zenja Murrell and Sabrina Tshiamalenge boarded a school bus to drive to each student’s home to surprise them with Happy Meal certificates, balloons, and other goodies.

“It is incredibly important to keep your promises, especially when it comes to students in our district. I hope this gesture demonstrates to these children that even though they are not in the classroom, their school communities care about their wellbeing and success. I hope that our presence gives them an extra push to continue thriving during eLearning and a reminder that we can’t wait to have them back," said Board Member Perez. "Thank you to our partners at Casper’s Company McDonald’s for providing a surprise to remember."

“I applaud Board Member Perez for keeping her word and following through for these students who will undoubtedly have a day to remember. As school leaders, we set an example with not only our words but also our actions. Our students thrive academically and emotionally when they know they have an entire network of support behind them. I also want to thank Casper’s Company for continuing to be champions for our children,” said Superintendent Addison Davis. 

"I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing feeling and experience that my son and I will never forget," said one parent of the celebration. "My son was in tears after you left and wanted to know when he could go back to school. You are all amazing and courageous and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for thinking about them."

It certainly was a day to remember and why #WeAchieveTogether.