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Image for Perfect Attendance: Celebrating the Seniors Who Never Missed a Day!
Celebrating the ten seniors who never missed a day of school - Kindergarten through 12th!

Perfect Attendance: Celebrating the Seniors Who Never Missed a Day!

June 11, 2020 - Student Success

Ten graduating seniors have perfect attendance.


Not just for their senior year—they have not missed a day of school since starting kindergarten!


Can you even imagine?


That’s 2,340 days of school without missing a single one!


On Tuesday, our School Board honored these ten outstanding graduates.


One by one, with their parents in tow, Superintendent Addison Davis called their names and they approached the front of the board room to receive a brand new laptop, courtesy of Toyota of Tampa Bay and a $500 scholarship from Suncoast Credit Union.


“It says a lot about your dedication, your commitment and the core values of your families,” Superintendent Davis told the students.


Board Member Lynn Gray echoed those sentiments commending the support system each student must have to achieve such a feat.


The ten students with perfect attendance from kindergarten through 12th grade are:


Jaylyn Bido, Riverview High School

Alexander Dyer, Newsome High School

Adaeze Echetebu, King High School

David Escamilla-Suqui, Plant City High School

Mark Grabau, Newsome High School

Madeline Houston, Armwood High School

Gary Jones, Sickles High School

Rebekah Lorentzen, Durant High School

Franchelle Lundy, Blake High School

Julia Salvo, Bloomingdale High School


Congratulations to these hard-working and devoted students.