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Six MUST HAVE supplies to set your student up for eLearning success.

eLearning - Supplies for Success

July 30, 2020 - Student Success

A lot of our students have chosen to start their school year with eLearning. If this is you, your back-to-school supply list may look a little different than years past.

Of course, your teachers will be providing a detailed list as we get closer to the start of the school year, but below are some items that you might want to start picking up now:

  • A comfortable chair. You could be in this chair for several hours a day. Make sure you like it! Make sure you can adjust the chair to the right level to see your computer easily.
  • Earphones or earbuds. This way you’re not disturbing others while listening to instruction or a video provided by your teacher.
  • Printer and printer paper. Even though many assignments can be submitted online, you may want to print items for your own records.
  • An online or paper calendar. This will be crucial to keep track of daily assignments and due dates.
  • Traditional school supplies. Again, your teacher will be providing a list closer to the first day of school but you’ll still need pens, pencils, paper and folders.
  • A backpack. Even though you’re not going to a brick and mortar school, doesn’t mean you may not go to a classmate’s house or somewhere else to study for the day. Owning a backpack, with space for a laptop, books and other supplies will prove useful.

Here’s something else to consider… Take the time to set up a defined space for your eLearning. Doesn’t matter if it’s a desk or if it’s a spot at your dining room table. But it will be the place you go to every morning for eLearning. Make sure it’s a quiet space and you will not be easily disturbed or distracted.

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