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Sheehy Elementary Speech Language Pathologist Receives USF Clinical Excellence Award

October 06, 2020 - Employee Excellence

Speech-Language Pathologist Jade Smith beams with pride when she speaks of her work with her kindergarten to fifth-grade students at Sheehy Elementary.

Her passion for her craft began when she was a young child. Her neighbors were both deaf and would strongly encourage her to speak to them using sign language only. 

She enrolled at USF's Suncoast Master's Consortium Track, which is specifically designed to assist bachelor's level professionals working full time as Speech-Language clinicians in one of the Suncoast Consortium schools districts to complete their Master's degree. The Suncoast Consortium track is a 9-semester program that uses distance and on-site teaching to offer the same curriculum as taught on the Tampa campus.

She was recently surprised by the USF Clinical Excellence Award for her course work. 

Congratulations, Ms. Smith! We are all so proud!