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James Elementary Holds Mock Presidential Election

November 02, 2020 - Trending in Schools

Presidential elections happen every four years, and today the students at James Elementary had the opportunity to experience voting for themselves.

Media Specialist Latoya Demour, along with teachers Ms. Briana Joseph and Ms. McDaniels, created Mock Monday to provide a hands-on experience for the students to understand the voting process and why it is so important.

"We wanted to let the kids experience what it is like to vote for such an important election," said Ms. Demour.

"The kids are extremely excited," said Ms. Briana Joshua. "It is evident these conversations are happening at home and with families and are so eager to get in and vote and see what that experience would be like when they turn 18."

The students received an ID number and logged into an online system to vote for the presidential candidates on the ballot in Florida. They will announce the winner of the mock election during their morning show on November 3rd.