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Image for Wow! Special shout outs from our parents to our incredible staff!
Please read the wonderful things our families have to say about educators in Hillsborough County Public Schools

Wow! Special shout outs from our parents to our incredible staff!

November 19, 2020 - Employee Excellence

We asked, and you certainly answered. Thank you to all the families who helped us celebrate American Education Week! 

To our incredible staff - Please take a few minutes and read through the beautiful messages from our families to you and your colleagues. You make a difference in the lives of children and families EVERY DAY!


A huge shout out to ALL the 7th grade eLearning teachers at Barrington Middle! They have had AMAZING packed zooms, always email our children right back and have made this year’s eLearning experience for our children phenomenal! I’m so impressed with all the hard work that has gone into loving and teaching our children via eLearning. Thank you from our family to all the 7th grade eLearning teachers who have given so much to make this year one to remember.


I want to thank my daughter’s teachers at Yates Elementary, Amanda Boatright and Mrs. Martin. They are young teachers who are working hard and practicing empathy, something that I think is very important. Thank you.


Ms. Grice is currently a remarkable teacher at Collins Elementary and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have our son in her class this year. She teaches with undeniable patience, compassion, and kindness. She never hesitates to take time out of her busy schedule o ensure each one of her students feel valued. I appreciate her for everything she has done and continues to do.


A huge thank you to Mrs. Killingsworth at Clark Elementary. We are virtual learners and she has made this hard way of learning a little easier and is always there to support the kids and parents.


Miss Francois, my daughter’s first grade teacher at Cannella Elementary is warm and welcoming! She goes over and beyond for her students and their families. She approaches each child and lesson with passion! Thank you for all that you do!!


Dear Ballast Point Elementary School teachers. You are making a difference in the work you do every day. When the quiet ones feel comfortable enough to participate on their own, you know you’ve made an impact. Students you’ve encouraged are creating something new with their talents. You’ve made your students laugh. You have cared and shown that you cared. You are making a difference in the life of a child. Forever grateful for Ms. Behrenfeld, Ms. Brakefield, Ms. McLouglin, Ms. Copple, Ms. Alou and Ms. King.


Mrs. Leske is a first grade teacher at McKitrick Elementary. She truly is the most compassionate, considerate, engaging, thoughtful, inspiring, and loving teacher I have ever met! She is new to the school this year and believe me, she is an absolute blessing to McKitrick Elementary.


Mrs. Denize at Colson Elementary has been amazing. Both of our children have been in her classes and she is thorough and patient and kind. She demonstrates great qualities that our children now model and we love her for that. We can’t say enough good things about Mrs. Denize. Thank you!


Dr. Terri Evans of Chiles Elementary is a phenomenal leader and her entire team of talented educators and staff are equally deserving of this praise! Thank you!


We really appreciate Mrs. Jodi Knowles. She is a guidance counselor at Turner Bartels K-8. She has the best listening ears and encourages the students. All students are her students as she creates a safe place for them to learn and to feel comfortable to speak with her. She is always willing to give a helping hand with any project the school has. Sometimes all a child needs is a smile and a good morning and she is sue to say that to every child she sees.


Mr. Pilcher at Memorial Middle School! We appreciate him because he is very sweet to students who try. He’s always attentive to students’ feelings!


Mr. Lanier is a second grade teacher at Grady Elementary. He is an amazing teacher because he goes above and beyond giving extra support to his students. He has helped my daughter become more confident in her abilities. He has a heart of gold! Thank you Mr. Lanier for all that you do!


Our family really appreciates my daughter’s teacher, Ms. Amanda Boatright from Yates Elementary. She is a young teacher, very attentive and communicative with parents. She’s also empathetic, something very necessary in these times that we are living. Thank you Ms. Boatright.


KUDOS to Mr. Schwartz of Sickles High School. He goes above and beyond to make meaningful connections with his students which creates a learning environment that is positive, engaging, and fun! Thank you for making a difference in education. My senior is learning so much from you and is enjoying your class very much.


I appreciate how my son’s 5th grade ELA teacher has lunch dates with her students. To date she has scheduled meet ups with boys, girls and whoever wants to play and strategize with their Rubik’s Cube. She also sent each student an encouraging note and treat via the USPS. High five to Mrs. Beardsley at Limona Elementary for attempting to connect  with her students on all levels.


Would like to give some love to Mrs. Broussard from Springhead Elementary. She is doing an awesome job teaching my son’s kindergarten class. She is very engaged with the students, as well as with the parents. Good job!


Mrs. Stratton at Essring Elementary. Fourth grade teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to point out how much we appreciate Mrs. Stratton for all of her hard work and efforts she puts in every ay to help our daughter with her reading, writing and math. I know we don’t say it enough, but we truly appreciate what she does along with Mrs. Nagel and Mrs. Berk. These teachers make up a great team. We want them to know we recognize their daily dedication.


The Visual Arts teachers (C-Harvey, Chandler, Dressel, Galgani) at Blake High School are amazing! Whether in-person or, like my daughter, eLearning, they go above and beyond to keep their students engaged. We are so grateful!


Ms. Amie at Chiles Elementary is a wonderful speech teacher. She has helped my child improve and made it fun too!


I’d like to send a shout out to Ms. Shelby Humbert, kindergarten teacher at Clark Elementary! First, she is an amazing human being! Sending your little one off to kindergarten is nerve wracking enough, but Ms. Humbert always made me feel like he was in the best hands. Her communication, and fun updates put my mind at ease and made me feel like I was always in touch with the goings on of the classroom. When COVID-19 hit, and we switched to eLearning, she tirelessly gave of herself, and was always quick to problem solve and be a listening ear when necessary. She has been a tough act to follow because of how much love and care we felt. I’m so thankful she was our first experience at Clark.


Mrs. Schwartz at Roosevelt Elementary has been the GREATEST teacher! Her consistent positive attitude and time commitment to eLearning has made it such a positive experience for our family. I recognize all the extra work she does. She goes way above and beyond her call of duty to make things great for her students and we greatly appreciate her!! We feel so fortunate to have her during this challenging time.


Ms. Meyer – VPK teacher at Mendenhall Elementary. She has welcomed us with open arms. Ms. Meyer is doing a phenomenal job teaching in person and virtually, simultaneously! She makes each child feel seen and heard. She makes her students feel loved and appreciated. Thank you Ms. Meyer.


Ms. Jessica Landers at Hunters Green Elementary has really helped my daughter foster a love for reading this year. She has taken the time to get to know her and challenge her with goals, new books and contests!


Tiffany Johnson, Biology/Anatomy, Blake High School. Ms. Johnson is one of the best educators I’ve ever encountered in my life. She’s very connected with her students and engages each and every one of them. In my opinion a subject is much more interesting when the teacher is also interested and she definitely is. Science was never my strongest subject but she broke down everything in biology and even showed me and other students different ways to learn whether you’re an auditory learner or a visual learner. She is a very hardworking woman and I look up to her in many ways. We need more teachers like Ms. Johnson and I appreciate her for everything.


Heather Hames, 4th grade J.S. Robinson Elementary. She works so hard to make sure to encourage my daughter to work hard and build on her strengths. Katie Riley, 1st grade teacher at Robinson Elementary. She makes sure all her students, including my son, are loved and cared for daily. She meets their academic and emotional needs.


My daughter is a kindergarten student at Symmes Elementary and she has Ms. DeLeury!! She is such an amazing, patient, and outstanding all-around great teacher. My daughter is the first experience of having my own child in school and she has made the transition as comfortable and as stress free as possible even with the challenges of COVID. I love the fact that every time I have a question or a concern she does everything to the best of her ability to help in every way possible just like if it was her own child. I know she is special when my daughter misses her and talks about her like she is family along with telling everyone about her teacher. We are super blessed and grateful to have her as our teacher and just wanted to shout out how special she is!


Lorin Campbell, Roosevelt Elementary. I appreciate her for supporting my daughter above and beyond what is expected.


Thank you to Mrs. Chisholm at McKitrick Elementary for keeping my daughter and  her classmates engaged and excited to eLearn. My daughter is always eager to log onto her zoom every morning. We appreciate and recognize the effort made to keep our child’s attention and enthusiasm to learn going through this challenging time. Thank you Mrs. Chisholm!


I want to shout out Lori Themar from Collins Elementary. Wow! What a wonderful person to greet you in the front office! She knows everything that is going on in the school and if, for some random reason, she doesn’t know she will find out for you immediately. She is a blessing to the school… its students… and its parents!


Dorina Adler, 5th grade teacher at Shore Elementary Magnet School. Mrs. Adler has been an amazing eLearning teacher for my daughter this year. She is always encouraging to her students and makes them feel at ease with the current world situation. My daughter has excelled under her and she is an amazing teacher!


All the staff in the Symmes Elementary are amazing. My kids enjoy the interactive class!


Two gigantic shout outs to the support staff at Walker Middle Magnet, especially Ms. Amy Eye and Ms. Amanda Edl! They are caring, professional, creative and pragmatic in supporting students. Our family is beyond grateful for the attention and encouragement for our daughter! Wishing them much success, health and happiness! Always!!!


Shout out to Ms. Sudak at Collins Elementary! She has worked tirelessly to keep the best education going through eLearning! She’s so dedicated to her students learning as well as to their socio-emotional health! She is one of the amazing teachers who continues to go above and beyond for her kids!


Mrs. McElroy and Mrs. D. Clements from Westchase Elementary. They taught my kids in 4th and 1st grade. I would highlight their ability to make an impact in my children’s lives with their great attitudes and professionalism. They both kept a great balance between being firm but also loving in an amazing way. Thank you both!


Mrs. Rhone, Guidance Dept. Chair at Middleton High School. Thank you, Mrs. Rhone, for supporting my son during eLearning. We appreciate your kindness and understanding. And a HUGE thank you to all the teachers and staff at Middleton. We appreciate you and all you do! Go Tigers!


Ms. Whittington’s first grade eLearning class is FABULOUS. My daughter is learning so much despite all the many challenges facing us all this year and I am very grateful to Ms. Whittington for everything she is doing to make my daughter’s 1st grade year at Carrollwood Elementary special and successful.


I would like to recognize Mrs. Emily Griffin, 3rd grade math teacher at Springhead Elementary for how she builds up her students confidence in themselves and  how she dedicates herself every day to teaching her kids good character, as well as arithmetic.


To all teachers all over the country, especially at Steinbrenner High School… We appreciate you and the sacrifice you are making!


I really appreciate Mrs. Dotson and Mrs. Hasley at Boyette Springs Elementary for all their hard work this year teaching my daughter. She has improved immensely this year and I am so thankful for them.


Mrs. Jennifer Anderson, 3rd grade Mabry Elementary. Mrs. Anderson has gone above and b eyond during class and outside of class to make sure her eLearning students are excelling academically and emotionally during the pandemic. She is amazing!


Miss Lisa in the front office of Burnett Middle School. She has helped me and guided me and my kids through this difficult time with COVID-19.


Mrs. Sessums at Mabry Elementary always makes our kindergarten daughter feel safe, loved, and promotes her educational growth. We appreciate her very much.


Ms. Williams, a kindergarten teacher at Riverhills Elementary has done an outstanding job making her students feel welcome in the classroom. She is incredibly patient and creative, and (from a parent’s perspective) seems to be truly mastering the challenges this school year has brought. My kindergartener has truly fallen in love with school and with learning and feels welcome and supported by Mrs. Williams. I feel very blessed we got to have her as a teacher this year.


Please, Please, Please recognize 1st grade teacher Brenda Quintero from Collins Elementary! I know I speak for myself and every parent who has a child under her. She’s more than just a teacher, she has tried to do this transition as smoothly as possible. My grandson had some newly identified issues de to health illness and Mrs. Quintero addressed these issues with ease. She went over and beyond. My schedule became her schedule. She’s so good and genuine at what she does. Thank you!


Ms. Wilcox at Gorrie Elementary is truly exceptional. It doesn’t cost a penny to always smile and have a positive outlook, yet so many people don’t model this behavior. Ms. Wilcox’s positive support attitude is infectious and I see it reflected in my daughter every day. Thank you Ms. Wilcox!


Thanks to the amazing middle school team at Rampello for helping us find our new normal during these trying times. Each member of the team has made a key difference in my son’s life for the better. Keep spreading the sunshine.


Thank you Mrs. Winston at Roosevelt Elementary. You’ve been a rock for the kids in uncertain times and made them feel safe, loved and most importantly… You’re a great educator!


Mrs. Swails at Tampa Palms Elementary School. She is the class teacher of my child. Really she teaches well. She gives response with smile always. Any time in office hours she is ready to answer all queries which parents have.


The blossoming teen years are a daily mix of honey bees, thorny weeds, and wild flowers! The young teens at Coleman Middle School are fortunate to have Ms. Tedder as a guidance counselor masterfully tending to this sprouting population! Ms. Tedder supports the development of teens in both academic settings and in sports as the Coleman Girls’ Basketball and Soccer Coach. She puts countless hours and emotions into best serving and supporting her student population. Middle school teens often experience their first major “sting” in life as they strive for more independence from parents. The student’s perspective is that Ms. Tedder is waaay cooler than any parent and so much more relatable. When a student needs to talk, they know Ms. Tedder is there for them with sound guidance, advice and coaching.


Ms. Fox from Roland Park for creating a positive educational environment and always being enthusiastic about French.


Thank you Mr. Abraham and Mrs. Guajardo. Teachers at Summerfield Crossings Elementary School for their work and performance in helping each and every student and making eLearning enjoyable. Thank you for helping my daughter in these moments of a different but important situation.


I want to send a huge shout out to Mrs. Desharnais, foreign language teacher at Walker Middle Magnet. It is because of her enthusiastic attitude and her unique way of making learning fun that my daughter has developed a love for languages. I want to make sure she knows how much she is appreciated and the positive difference she has made on my daughter’s life. Thank you for all that you.


Thank you to all of the ESE/ACCESS teachers and paras at Alonso High School for going above and beyond via eLearning and with your brick and mortar students. You are sooooo appreciated by the parents of your students.


Pride Elementary School. Ms. Katlyn Pope is my daughter’s math teacher and Mrs. Sumaiya Ahmed is her ELA teacher. They definitely made a positive impact to my daughter. They are very much appreciated for their patience, hard work and dedication.


Ms. Lopez at Deer Park Elementary has been exceptional in her communication and flexibility in teaching her students.


My family really appreciates Ms. Lucas at Lomax Magnet Elementary. She has made the eLearning experience smoother than expected. It’s definitely not easy teaching 2nd graders via zoom but her patience with us parents and students has been commendable. Way to go Lomax teachers.


I go to Williams Middle Magnet School and my favorite staff members are Ms. Rafferty, Ms. Dunn, Ms. Abraham, Ms. Lawer and Ms. Dutzart. I chose all of them because they were always so nice to me and the other students and I think that they deserve to know how much everyone loves them.


I would like to thank Mr. Purkey from Trapnell Elementary School for a wonderful job he is doing teaching eLearning math and science. My daughters have improved greatly academically. Thank you for taking your time to explain the subjects to them even if it is taking an extra five or ten minutes after your time is up. It shows that you care for the progress of your students. I only hope that my daughters continue to find teachers like yourself that go the extra mile as they go to middle school.


My daughter has Mr. Conklin and Mr. Spina at Collins Elementary School for 5th grade eLearning. She loves having them as teachers and constantly praises their organization and communication. She says they make learning fun and says “they make me actually look forward to school each day!”


Mr. Nicodemus from Chariamonte Elementary. My granddaughter’s ESE teacher. He goes out of his way to help kids with learning disabilities. He is always there for them. My granddaughter would not be in 4th grade without him.


Ms. Coleman from Wimauma Elementary. She makes my brother-in-law enjoy and like school. And with his slower learning issues he say she actually fits in and no one judges him for not knowing even his sight words. I love that she is taking the time and patience to teach him and make him feel comfortable.


A BIG thank you to Mr. Shelton, Mr. Bright, Mr. Griffis, Ms. Poole, and Ms. O at Sickles High School. You are each exceptional teachers who teach with passion and enthusiasm, but more importantly you build meaningful relationships with students. My daughter has been fortunate to have you as her teachers and you’ve made an amazing impact on her life. The words THNK YOU are truly not enough.


Thomas Dolan from Pride Elementary. I would not be surprised if the next Einstein or Edison credits Mr. Dolan with sparking his/her interest in science. My elementary student is constantly talking about fascinating concepts he learned in science class. MR. Dolan inspires kids to love science and to think on a level you would never expect a child could. I know my child will look back on this class as a pivotal time in his life that cemented his interest in science.


Dr. Seivrwright and Mr. Moore are from Blake High School. Dr. Seivrwright has been my son’s IEP case manager since sophomore year. She has been amazing always at encouraging, and helping my son be successful through his years in high school. He is now a senior with straight A’s and has accomplished his trade of barbering through Blake. Also, I’d love to recognize Mr. Moore for his dedication and passion to his program. My son completed his restricted license hours through the program. Both these staff from Blake played a huge role in my son’s academic success.


Giving a special shout-out to two wonderful 3rd grade teachers from Doby Elementary in Apollo Beach. Mrs. Hilliker and Mrs. Gangis! These are two incredible teachers that go above and beyond every day! We are so grateful for their positive impact!


My family is grateful for Ms. Shelby Humbert, a kindergarten teacher at Clark Elementary. She set the bar high for my son’s first year of school by having excellent communication, going above and beyond for her students, and making us parents feel involved. She put forth immense effort during last Spring’s COVID-19 shut down. Honestly I wish we could have her as our teacher every year! Thank you for all you do.

Mrs. Steyer at Lowry Elementary. Thank you so much for all the kindness and support with our little one. We appreciate your commitment.


Ms. Ortega at Shields Middle School saw how advanced my son was. She tried him out in another teacher’s classroom to see if he would fit better there. He did! So, Ms. Ortega arranged a meeting to have my son moved to the next class. Thank you so much Ms. Ortega!


We really appreciate Mrs. Fuentas & Mrs. Landez for being such great eLearning teachers and having so much patience. They are amazing teachers.


Mr. Whalen from Progress Village Middle Magnet. He’s an amazing science teacher who makes learning fun and interesting. His funny stories about life make kids laugh and we need more laughter in our schools these days.


Mrs. McNorrill at Roosevelt Elementary teachers 3rd grade eLearning and is so entertaining and tells jokes every day to the class. She also created the lunch bunch so her eLearning class is able to have lunch together via zoom.


Mrs. Kanarek, from Lithia Springs Elementary, has done an amazing job teaching kindergarten through eLearning! She is funny, kind, and engaging. Teaching kindergarteners through zoom can’t be the easiest job, but she has taught them so well and I am looking forward to my child possibly being in the classroom with her in January. We couldn’t ask for a better teacher.


We would like to take this moment to give a big shout out to Ms. Klingman, Sra. Palma, Ms. Quintana, Mrs. Reeves, Ms. Rupe, and Ms. Wilson from Hillsborough Virtual School. This is our first year enrolled in HVS. The teachers are putting great efforts to help our son reach his academic goals. They are readily available to answer the questions via text, phone or email. Also, they are so passionate about sharing their knowledge and providing honest feedback to help him improve. It has been a great learning experience for him, and we feel so fortunate to have a great team of teachers who are leading him to the right path. My son feels that taking classes through HVS, he can focus more easily and get the most out of his time. Again, we appreciate all your support in our son’s education!


Mr. Kuma from Steinbrenner. Not only is he a great math teacher, but he makes lasting connections with his students and has world class Connect 4 skills!


Ms Criss at Nelson elementary has been such a wonderful person to have been associated with. Our first grader enjoyed her class and was encouraged and engaged because of her kind demeanor and passion for teaching. Ms Criss created one of the most welcoming and supportive learning environments we could have asked for with E-learning. Thank you for all your hard work, organization and kindness!


Annamarie Porlides (Hammond Elementary) Mrs. Porlides is the 2nd grade E-Learning teacher at our school. She has done a phenomenal job in planning each week, organizing assignments, making canvas as easy to navigate as possible, listening to feedback, communicating with parents and students, and gracefully dealing with all the technology issues. Teaching in this environment is extremely challenging and I just want her to know how much her hard work is appreciated.


Ms Vandyke (Lewis elementary school) . My son is in Ms. Vandyke 1st grade class (on zoom) I appreciate her because she has given herself effortlessly & willingly to all the students in eLearning class. She pushes them to learn & they receive her very well. I would like to say she is the best teacher & her hard work does not go unnoticed. She wakes up every day with a drive that is unmatched , eager to teach. I love her . Thank you Ms Vandyke for being an awesome teacher. You rock.    


We would like to recognize Ms. Masut from Schwarzkopf Elementary. She is an amazing teacher with a kind heart for all of her students. She will always be special to our daughter. She was also amazing during the e-learning transition at the end of the last school year. We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher through all of that!


Mrs. Rodriguez is a kindergarten teacher at Trapnell Elementary in Plant City and she has had 2 out of three of my girls and I’m so glad she did. She treats those kids like her own and has a heart of gold! I’m looking forward to my last baby to get the pleasure of having her as a teacher very soon.


I would like to take a moment to mention Cannella Elementary’s 1st Grade ELA teacher, Miss Cassandra Francois. Her active and engaging E-Learning keeps the kids involved and excited. She makes videos, talks to each student with care and laughs along with them. She helps them learn in a fun way by relating things they enjoy to school work. For example: Recently, she taught the 1st Graders that non-fiction books have facts and allowed them to talk about and choose a non-fiction book in the interactive platforms; such as Epic or I-Ready. Miss F’s tone of voice and intonation is what keeps the children interested. She is always bubbly and excited. This helps them to be excited as well. During times like this, where we are e-learning, she helps the 1st graders look forward to seeing her on video. Teachers like her are what children need to stay encouraged and excited about learning no matter what the environment. Awesome job Miss F!    


I appreciate Mr. (David) Bright, math teacher at Sickles High School, because he's really kind and genuinely cares about his students.


We are thankful for our teacher Mrs. Raspitzi, and our wonderful Principal Mr. McLaughlin and Vice Principal Mrs. Weise. My daughter and I are always talking about how great Dawson Elementary is because of how kind and professional and organized they are! Because of them school is brighter! Thank you!


Mrs. Koch, thank you so much for making Kindergarten so much fun!! Valrico Elementary School


Our family is thankful for numerous educators! The most recent would be Mr. K. Griffis and Mrs H. Lundahl of Sickles High School. They are both music educators that lead the school Marching Band in Fall and many levels of Concert Band in Spring. Even with eLearning they have their students making beautiful music! Students are held accountable, praised when appropriate and individually checked-in with to see how they are doing. They are not just exemplary educators but amazing people! We are so


I would like to say thanks and give much appreciation to the assistant principal Mr. Henry Scurry at Middleton High school. I chose him, because my child has been having a hard time in school, that's until Mr. Scurry pulled my child out of that dark place he was falling in. Mr Scurry has my child looking forward to going to school now. Mr. Scurry I really don't think I can thank you enough. Words definitely can't express how much I appreciate you stepping in my childs life. Thank you!, Thank you!, Thank you!


I would like to thank Mrs. Amaro from Essrig Elementary. She is an amazing kindergarten teacher who always goes above and beyond! She sets the foundation for learning and makes it super fun! My sons kindergarten year continues to be something we talk about and he’s in middle school now! Thank you Mrs. Amaro! We love you!!!!


I really want to thank Mrs. Teagarden. She's my son's second grade teacher at Heritage Elementary. She's been amazing, understanding, fun, and makes e-learning that much easier. My son Ryan loves her so much. We appreciate all the hard work she's done.


Georgette Smith, student counselor, Freedom high school. Ms. Georgette Smith always goes above and beyond. She makes sure students are successful all the way and does not miss out any opportunities for which she does not hesitate to work after hours. Her dedication for student success is exemplary.


Mrs. Sprott- 2nd grade at Lake Magdalene Elementary School, Tampa, Fl. Mrs. Sprott is a wonderful teacher and has done an awesome job at Elearning!!


I would like to recognize Julie Galuski, science teacher at Coleman Middle School. Not only is she a great teacher, she regularly follows up with students and parents to make it a successful year. She gives options regarding technology since students may do better using one over another. She encourages students to learn about real super heroes like Jane Goodall outside of class time. Lastly, she asked students to write letters and make drawings for senior citizens living at Brighton Gardens of Tampa during the lockdown. Her collection resulted in joy and comfort for nearly 100 elderly residents during a challenging time of adjustment.


Mrs. Ordetx (Steinbrenner) has given my daughter a love for history. So much so, she plans to pursue history as a major or or minor in college.


I would like to comment about 1st grade teacher, Ashley Skeens who teaches at Warren Hope Dawson Elementary. My daughter has been one of her students this year. Ms. Skeens has gone above and beyond working with my child and myself to keep my daughter motivated. This has been a rough period of time for many adults, so imagine how odd it feels for a 6 year old child. Ms. Skeens has made time to educate me about resources to help my daughter while on elearning. She has also made time, even on weekends to speak with my daughter and keep her engaged in her school work. I cannot thank her enough for her patience and compassion when working with my daughter during this unusual and unprecedented time in all our lives. #teachersarevital


Mrs Hooker is my son's Kindergarten teacher at Walden Lake Elementary. In just the few months my son's been in her class, he has developed a true desire to learn and grow. She truly cares about her students and motivates them to develop a love for learning! Thank you for all you do!


I would like to highlight on a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Peasall-Gauld. She is a Kindergarten teacher at Lopez Elementary School. We appreciate all of her hard work and the care she has for her students as well as the parents. She is always friendly and responds to my questions very quickly and professionally. She invests her time in all her students and tends to their individual needs. We are so appreciative for all that she does!


Mrs. Michelle Bird from Cimino Elementary School has been such a caring, insightful, and patient educator in these pandemic days. Thank you for being a calming presence in these hard confusing days.


Mr. Evans at Barrington Middle School is an engaging teacher that encouraged my children to grow and learn to develop their ability to academically discuss our history and current events. Our dinner conversations greatly improved because of his lessons. Thank you Mr. Evans for all you do for your students and for wearing the coolest socks in the school.


Mr Brent Cooper at PCHS went out of his way to help our son this semester and ensure he was on track in both classes. We really appreciated him reaching out to us. Mr Cooper really cares about his students and their success.


Mrs.Cook from Riverhills Elementary is phenomenal. This is my daughter’s first year at this school and she has been so helpful and dedicated in helping us through this process.


Mrs. Hennigan 3rd grade teacher at Mary Bryant Elementary - Mrs. Hennigan is my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher as well as my son’s ELA teacher (they are twins) Mrs. Hennigan is kind, diligent, patient and invested in all of her student and their education. I am so pleased to have Mrs. Hennigan be not only a teacher, but an amazing mentor for both my children. She truly puts her heart and soul into teaching her students and we are forever grateful for her dedication.


Mr Sorial at Bloomingdale HS encouraged and supported my son in math. It was his best year ever. He truly inspired him to perform at his best ability.


For me it is very difficult to choose just one person from my children's school since they are all special and help the children a lot they are also in continuous communication with the parents that is very good as it helps them work better. Kind regards to Miss Trudway third graders and fifth grade Miss Crochfield from Miles Elementary School.    


Mrs. McCarthy at Westchase Elementary school has gone above and beyond to create a warm, loving, and inclusive classroom despite the challenges due to Covid 19. My daughter is loving 2nd grade and being back on campus. She’s thriving this year, and I have her teacher and all of the faculty and staff at Westchase Elementary to thank for that!


Mr. Ernesto Zota at Gaither High School has went above, beyond and upside down in ways to try and help my daughter as she struggled in the elearning thing. He was patient, understanding, offered numerous ways to support her and showed grace. Thank you Mr. Zota!


I just want to say Thank you to Mrs Pierson. She is my son's ELA teacher on Hillsborough Virtual K-12. She always makes sure to keep my son engaged. Thank you for always keeping my son's virtual experience great!


Ms. Lettiero at Chiles Elementary has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure her 1st graders have great classroom experience. I work from home and I LOVE hearing her engage her class in so many ways. She always has a smile on her face and a focus on learning. She recently added a "live lunch" on Thursday's where the kids get to enjoy lunch together. The kids share jokes, show their pets and toys and really have a great time. Ms. Lettiero has created an unforgettable first grade experience.


Mr. Lonnie Hill from Sumner Academy 2027 has a gift for teaching in a way that is engaging and helps the students truly understand and retain the information. He stands up for students and does not tolerate any kind of rude behavior. Mr. Hill's focus is connecting students with history and bringing it to life. He treats everyone with respect, and his manner is inviting for everyone to share in class and keep stress levels down.


Mrs. Zellem from Clark elementary school. She’s been communicating with parents and students so actively with the open-heart. I really appreciate her hard work and all the encouragement words for kids and families. She’s such an inspiration. We love Mrs. Zellem and her beautiful smile.


Mrs. Herrin and all teachers and staff. Our family is forever grateful to you all. Each and every one of you that strive to go to school every day so that our children can learn in a classroom setting and experience as close to normal what going to school feels like. It's obvious that you all are "here" for a reason, even when there are moments that you all questioned it. Our family is truly thankful for going over and beyond especially this year! Thank you Mrs. Herrin and the Summerfield Crossings Staff!


Much appreciation to Shaunna Lubecki (Citrus Park Elementary) for all she has done to make 4th grade as normal as possible for her eLearning students!


Ms.Navantieri and Ms. Aviles from Alexander elementary school in Tampa Fl. This teachers make feel my daughter happy and secure in this process.


Mrs. Williams, my daughter Bella's fourth grade teacher at Clark Elementary, is the epitome of what every teacher should be like. She is kind, caring, professional, helpful, nurturing and fair. She has made our first time in a Florida school a wonderful experience. She keeps us updated on what's going on in class and also how my daughter is doing. I can't say enough amazing things and am so grateful that she is my daughter's teacher.


There have been some fantastic teachers at Apollo Beach Elementary over the years, but Mrs. Stacy Graves, 2nd grade teacher at Apollo Beach Elementary, holds a special place for my children. She was my daughter's 2nd grade teacher years ago. She made her feel special, excited where she LOVED coming to school each day, and pushed her learning experience in a positive manner. Each year, Mrs. Graves checks in with my daughter and lets her know how proud she is of her academically and as a young girl. She also loved on my youngest daughter years ago while visiting her classroom and now looks for her, even if it's just a quick hello and a distanced conversation on the playground on her break. Mrs. Graves will always be one of those special teachers my family will remember as she makes a difference, not just academically but on a personal level with her students.


Ms. Bump at McKitrick Elementary is nothing short of awesome!! She is very hands on with the students, pushes them to do their best and always looks out for the kids. Thank you Ms. Bump for caring so much about all of our children!


My son's teacher, Mrs. Courson, is hands down the best!! She has made E-learning pretty much normal for her second grade class. It is amazing to listen to her teach, it sounds like I'm sitting in the back of a regular classroom. She has taught her students to navigate Canvas and Clever effortlessly. I can't speak for anyone else, but my son is doing just as well as he would in a brick and mortar setting and it is ALL thanks to Mrs. Courson!!    


I have always received nothing other than total support for my son I would like to thank each and member of the staff at Eisenhower for the support I've received


Thompson elementary school Ms Wishart 5th grade. Ms Wishart has helped my son transition into his new school thank you


All The Staff at Our School THONOTOSASSA Elementary is AMAZING and we appreciate them all in their own ways I can’t pick just one. Thank you ALL For your hard work.


Mrs. Dymant at FishHawk Creek Elementary is such an amazing and caring Teacher. She goes above and beyond daily for her students. You can see she truly loves her job and her students. Thank you Mrs. Dymant!!


My daughter´s 1st grade teacher Mrs Kathrine Godshall from Chiles Elementary is a fantastic teacher. She makes e-learning fun and the kiddos love her. We deeply appreciate the work she puts into making everyday a wonderful day for our kids.


Ms Vreeland from Hunters Green Elementary is an exceptional teacher. She is always so informative and you truly feel she cares deeply for her students. She was wonderful to me during Elearning. I really love her and hope my other son gets her as well!!! Thank you Ms. Vreeland!! We love you so much!!!


Shout out to Susan Washington, the ESOL academic advisor at Brewster Technical College. Mrs. Washington is always looking out for the well-being of our adult ESOL students and works collaboratively with admin and instructors to better serve our students. She has a huge heart and always greets us with a warm, welcome smile.


A staff member I really appreciate is Miss Kay from Ferrell girls preparatory academy, She goes above and beyond and is an amazing teacher. She makes learning interesting and fun. Her personality is awesome and she is personality my favorite teacher at Ferrell.


Jennifer Gloer- AVID teacher extraordinaire!! She is such a wonderful person. She takes time to get to know her students and their families. She has a sincere concern for our children and their success. She had both my girls in her AVID class at Mann Middle School. They both thoroughly enjoyed her class. Mrs. Gloer made the students take responsibility of their grades, she pushed them to do better, she taught them how to set goals and reach them. My youngest daughter loved the debate portion of her class. Mrs. Gloer always kept the class fun and interesting but also gained the respect of the students and controlled the class well. Any student lucky enough to have Mrs Gloer is in for a treat!! Thank you Mrs. Gloer for all you do for HCPS and the AVID program!!


I would like to recognize my son’s 1st grade teacher, Mrs Eberhart, who is new to Florida and to Brooker Elementary. Our student thrives in Mrs Eberhart’s classroom due to her gentle voice, patience and support during these unforeseen times. All of her efforts have not gone unnoticed and we are extremely grateful to have her as our sons teacher for the 2020 school year.


Cherie Adkins at Ballast Point Elementary was an amazing 3rd grade teacher. Her dedication to her students was amazing. My daughter thrived in her classroom. She still says she loves and cares about her students. My daughter is now in 10th grade and will talk about “that time” in Ms. Adkins class.


Mr. Mikulec at Hillsborough High is one of the best teachers my daughter has ever had. He clearly cares about the kids and spent many extra hours helping his students so that they would be prepared for a difficult AP exam during COVID. He makes a challenging AP class fun and his enthusiasm for teaching really makes the kids WANT to learn. He is truly a wonderful teacher!


Egypt Lake Elementary school y muchas gracias por su gran enseñanza a todos los maestros y personal de la escuela de mi niña.Gracias Ms Rombach, Ms Sol Ms Vasquez Mrs Parlor ,Ms Labrie, y especial a Ms Streid ,and Grass,Ms Barker y a todos los Dios vented de esta maravillosa escuela.


Summerfield Crossings Elementary Ms. Wilson (2nd grade) You have made the transition so smooth and so easy for my son. Thank you for the (obvious) love and patience you have for your students... You are amazing!!!


Ms. Annis Lawrence from Benito Middle school teaches in a fun way and lets students express and discuss their ideas in class. She does this all while still teaching the material with efficiency.


Ms. Lonsway, kindergarten teacher at Sheehy Elementary is a team player. She helps anywhere that she can. If she sees a teacher or a child needing help, she readily steps in and helps. We really appreciate her for this.


Senora Ruiz at Deer Park Elmentary is a true asset to the dual language program. Our daughter Elliot has been blessed to have her as a teacher and she has instilled in her the love of learning a second language. Elliot comes home and wants to play school with us and teach us all the words she is learning. We feel truly blessed to have Senora Ruiz and Mrs Febre as our kindergarten teachers.


Ms. Laura Hall Summerfield Crossings Elementary. Ms. Hall has taught both of our school aged children and is so patient and nurturing. Our children thrive under her guidance. She is always so pleasant and effectively motivates the children in class. She is an absolute pleasure. We are so grateful to her.


Mrs. Alina Warren at Walden Lake Elementary will always be one of our favorites. My daughter, Alli, got to have her for 1st and 3rd grade. She is so loving and a gifted educator. One of my favorite things I noticed in her class when I was volunteering is that she told every single child that she loved them every single day. Not just, "I love you, class," but personally face to face. It really impacted me to realize that, for some children, that might be the only adult to say that to them for the day. My daughter is in 7th grade now, but I will always appreciate that she saw the best and possibilities for my student who struggles with ADHD.


Mrs. Nora Dudley, second grade elearning/virtual at Turner Bartels K-8. Mrs. Dudley has done an amazing job of teaching her students virtually and connecting with them personally. She is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure they understand and grasp lessons and new concepts. My daughter loves her because she can feel her genuineness even in a virtual environment. Mrs. Dudley has been a source of structure and normalcy for all her students in such a difficult time and I appreciate her!


We appreciate Dan Sturlaugson from Turner Bartels K-8 school. He makes learning fun by engaging with his students, getting to know each one. He has magic shows to showcase learning and makes each student laugh while learning.


My child’s teacher Mrs Eliana Green from Fishhawk Creek Elementary has been top notch. She is an amazing elearning teacher and works with each individual child. She makes sure they are on task, learning and having fun!! She has made elearning amazing!! She works so hard for the children and families. We appreciate her so much.


Thank you so much to School Psychologist Kim Gonzalez at Progress Village Magnet for always being there for my granddaughter. She is a life saver!


ESE teacher Ms. Dimartin at Tinker K 8. She has made transitioning back from Elearning to Face to Face for my daughter a smooth transition. She is new to us this year but has done a wonderful job already this year. You can tell she has big heart for her students and their education.


Mrs, Campbell, Reading Teacher at Liberty Middle School always puts her students first! She has a passion for her profession and ignites that passion in her students. She is supportive and caring and we appreciate her... and ALL of the Liberty Middle School Teachers. Thank you for making the transition to middle school seamless. Go Eagles!


Beth-Anne Febre at Deer Park Elementary, has made a positive impact on my daughter’s life. Mrs Febre is part of the inaugural dual language program and she is a perfect fit. She is kind, fun, warm, nurturing and makes the kids be the best they can be. I can tell that her and Senora Ruiz enjoy working with each other and feed off of each other’s strengths. We feel so blessed that our daughter, Elliot, is part of her class.


Mrs. Chiaramonte at Lanier Elementary is a phenomenal 3rd grade teacher and made a lasting impression on my daughter. My child was fortunate enough to have her for second and third grade at Lanier. She is caring and fun-loving. She’s an all around exceptional teacher making an impact on the lives of the young students who are fortunate enough to be in her class. We absolutely love her!!


Ms. Berardi at Roland Park K-8 makes such a positive impact on my son. He was so sad on Veteran's Day with no school (and no Ms. Berardi) that he had tears in his eyes asking when he could see her again!


Mrs.Barlett and Mrs.Beers from Sulphur Springs K-8 are great teachers. My kids love them and they are great at understanding and teaching.