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Image for Batter Up for Baseball Tivitz
Students are engaged in playing TiViTz to improve their math and critical thinking skills with a fun board game.

Batter Up for Baseball Tivitz

May 26, 2015 - Points of Pride

While students may think they're simply playing a fun and challenging board game or online game, teachers know they're helping their students gain confidence to pursue careers in math and science. Hillsborough County's Elementary Math Council, HCEMC, recently sponsored competitions for students in third, fourth and fifth grade. The 2015 Baseball Tivitz tournament took place May 20th and 21st in the Trinkle Center at the Plant City HCC campus. Teams of four students competed individually against students from other schools, and then individual scores were combined for a cumulative school team score.

It's a proven fact that kids learn better when engaged in hands-on, minds-on activities versus rote drills and memorization. Since 2008, Hillsborough County Public Schools teachers have embraced TiViTz, a game that sharpens kids' math skills and encourage critical thinking. Math teachers can now encourage their students to love and respect math all while having fun.

TiViTz has engaged our HCPS students' strategic thinking and basic computation skills as they maneuver their numbered tivits, or playing cubes, across the game surface to land at the numbered score goals that will produce equations with the highest possible answers. Teaching students to look ahead is one of the essential skills needed to prepare for life. But a good strategy isn't enough to declare victory, players must correctly solve those equations to outscore their opponent and win the game.

According to Stephen Scully, SAS Game creator of TiViTz, "All kids can enjoy math and not see it as a torturous subject they have to learn. Once they grasp the basics, the higher maths are easier to understand."

What is TiViTz? The BASEBALL TIVITZ game is a board game that requires students to use strategy, algebraic reasoning, and computation skills as they move their team of tivots from their dugout to the outfield. The object of the game is to capture score goals in the outfield that will give the highest point score.

■ Download the TIVITZ Powerpoint to learn how to play the game here.

Where can you get TiViTz? Click here to find more information about downloading an App.

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