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School leaders come together for annual back to school conference

July 22, 2016 - Points of Pride

The district’s annual Joint Principals and Supervisors Institute kicked off Thursday morning at Gaither High School. With engaging speakers including Superintendent Jeff Eakins and keynote speaker Mike Rutherford, the event generated a sense of enthusiasm and a focus on tenacity going into the new school year!

Deputy Superintendent Van Ayres kicked off the morning with an upbeat introduction, while Gaither’s Senior Class President Sarah Mazur starred as the honorary MC.  A special moment unfolded when Superintendent Eakins recognized board members Doretha Edgecomb and Carol Kurdell for their years of tireless service. They will both retire in November.

School Board Chair April Griffin offered some motivating words of wisdom and encouraged administrators to model a balance of work and life - not only for themselves, but for their faculty and staff.

Mr. Eakins’ message resonated with the crowd as he asked leaders in the room to think about what the word “tenacity” means to them. He said, “Tenacious people let the goal drive them because the end is way more important than the risk.” 

As Eakins started to wrap up his address, students from the cast of Les Miserables surprised attendees with a memorable and inspiring performance of “One Day More”.

The day's events and highlights were all shared on Twitter as participants were encouraged to join the conversation using the hashtag #HCPSB2S. Attendees embraced the concept of sharing their experiences on social media, positioning #HCPSB2S as one of the top trending hashtags in the Tampa area for the day. This event proved to be an inspirational experience that leaders can build from as they prepare for the new school year.

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