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Image for Summer Program Series: Incoming 8th graders embark on a new adventure at the University of Tampa
Hillsborough Scholars Summer Academy (HSSA) offers a summer of fun and adventurous enrichment classes to eligible incoming 8th graders.

Summer Program Series: Incoming 8th graders embark on a new adventure at the University of Tampa

June 25, 2015 - Points of Pride

Incoming 8th graders enrolled in the Hillsborough Summer Scholars Academy (HSSA) enjoyed a week of kid-friendly academic enrichment program at the University of Tampa.  Many students embarked on a new adventure to pursue interests such as jumping into the world of exercise science with Bodies in Motion, looking at life differently through the lens of a camera with Photo Finish, or dabbling in physics with interactive, hands-on activities like building a bottle rocket with Phun with Physics.

“I had so much fun at HSSA at The University of Tampa learning like a true scientist. It was a week of fun learning!” Gregory Bateham, 7th grader at Buchanan Middle Schools.

The Hillsborough Summer Scholars Academy (HSSA) is designed for incoming 8th graders who are eligible to take the SAT or ACT as part of the Duke or Hillsborough Talent Identification program. The program gives students the opportunity to gain real-life college experience, with creative, fun, and challenging courses on the campus of the University of Tampa.  

Parents felt the week-long experience enabled their children to be exposed to new interests while improving their problem solving, communication, and interpersonal skills. According to Kathryn Bateham, an HSSA parent and a Hillsborough county educator, "It was a summer camp that went above and beyond learning; it heightened my son Gregory’s goals for his future.”

Supervisor of Academic Programs for HCPS, Jazheel Lenegar-Brown, proudly stated that the “HCPS teachers and UT professors work so hard to make every aspect of HSSA an unforgettable experience!”

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