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With practice, HCPS students on the Novice Swim Team learned to take directions without question and propel their bodies through the water with liquid locomotion!

Swimming for fun, sport and discipline

August 18, 2015 - Student Success

What were HCPS students doing this summer?  Some of them were propelling their bodies through the water with coordinated locomotion as part of the co-ed Novice Swim Team at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pool.  This thirteen-member team was made up of students, some of whom attend schools in the West Tampa community, including Essrig, Just and Mitchell Elementary Schools, and Webb Middle School. 

Students participated in four low-key swim meets with other teams that are part of the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, including the Danny Del Rio, Cyrus Greene, Bobby Hicks and Interbay pools.  Water sports helped the students to build strength, endurance, vitality, tenacity, drive, and muscle tone. The youngsters found that competitive swimming made their muscles work harder without the strain or impact experienced with land-based exercises. With practice, this Novice Swim Team learned how to bear the aggressive rigors of swimming laps. They take direction without question, and stay focused and open to the drills.  Each member gave it their all! 

The pool manager and team coach, Joe Harris, encouraged his team by emphasizing the importance of finishing the race over winning. Since some of the students were on a team for the first time, they learned how to be team players by supporting each other. They were introduced to aggressive training, sportsmanship, and life’s lessons through swimming.  In addition they became familiar with concepts such as:

  • Being Coached
  • Observance of Rules & Regulations
  • Preparing for Competitive Meets
  • Vigorous Exercise
  • Physical Dexterity
  • Focused Goals
  • Practicing Fair Play
  • Character Building
  • Building Confidence
  • Respect for Others

Forecast ahead for these swimmers?  A future of confident achievers, uninhibited by the challenges of the day as each develops skills far beyond aquatics.  These novice student swimmers are on the fast track to becoming proficient, not only in the water, but in their life’s endeavors.

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