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Image for Celebrating New Leaders in the District
Join us in celebrating new leaders in the District. Here's a recap of the latest administrative appointments.

Celebrating New Leaders in the District

July 27, 2017 - Points of Pride

Meet Mickey Boddie

Currently the Assistant Principal for Administration at Hillsborough High School, Mickey Boddie has been appointed as the Principal of the North Tampa EPIC3 Center. Boddie earned his bachelor's degree from Saint Leo College, and his master's degree from the University of Sarasota.  He plans to "prepare his students to dream more, do more and become more." His favorite time off is spent traveling with his family. Boddie calls his mother his hero because "she never gave up... and worked through many adversities!" Congratulations, Mickey Boddie!

Meet Orestes Mendez

Currently the Assistant Principal at Lee Elementary Magnet School, Orestes Mendez has been appointed the Principal of Colson Elementary School.  He earned his bachelor's degree from St. Thomas University, and his master's degree at the University of South Florida. Mendez wants to prepare his students for life by "promoting an environment for students to achieve their utmost potential in their academic, emotional, and social realms."  Mendez has two dogs, Choco and Jack.  When he is not working, his favorite activities include jogging, reading and basketball.  Congratulations, Orestes Mendez!

Meet Jennifer Davis

Currently the Assistant Principal at South County Career Center, Jennifer Davis has been appointed as the Principal at South County Career Center. Davis earned her bachelor's degree from Florida State University and her master's degree from NOVA Southeastern University. She hopes to prepare students for life by "incorporating the school vision, Unity is Our Strength, and working together with every staff member in ensuring that every student is successful both academically and personally." Her heroes are her mother and father. "They raised my brother and I as public servants and to ensure we take care of others and give back. Our lives are to serve others and I strive to live up to their example."  Ms. Davis's proudest moment was "becoming a mother to [her] six year old daughter, Kyla. [Kyla] teaches [her] everyday and has allowed [her] to grow as a leader [while] having a parental perspective in decision making."  Congratulations, Jennifer Davis!  

Meet Grayson Kamm

Currently the Communications Director at the Museum of Science and Industry, Grayson Kamm has been appointed as the Communications and Media Officer for the District. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. Kamm's goal for preparing students for life is to help better connect Hillsborough Schools with the community." The closer that connection becomes, the more support we have for our schools, and the more opportunities open up for our students." When he is not working, he is "discovering new things with [his] two sons, who are five and three years old. Seeing the world through their eyes never gets old!" When asked what was the most unusual place he had ever experienced, Kamm said, "As a news reporter, I had the rare opportunity to climb inside the Space Shuttle Discovery before it was sent to the Smithsonian Institution. After growing up on the Space Coast, being able to go inside an actual spacecraft for a news story was a dream come true."  Congratulations, Grayson Kamm!

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