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Muller Elementary Magnet School students thanked over 150 volunteers from Ernst & Young who helped to beautify their campus and bring lessons to their classrooms.

How a day of difference for community partners makes an impact on local schools

October 11, 2017 - Partners in Education

On Friday, October 6 over 150 Ernst & Young (E&Y) employees took over the campuses of Muller Elementary Magnet School and the Bill Poe Family Junior Achievement Center, located in the University Community Development area, lending resources to help clean up the campuses and deliver Junior Achievement programs. E&Y, a national provider of professional services has partnered with Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay for a “Day of Difference” supporting Junior Achievement programs and a school campus cleanup project. 

Muller Elementary students were visited by 40 E&Y classroom volunteers delivering Junior Achievement programs while other E&Y employees jumped right into cleaning up and beautifying the campus. By the end of the school day, Muller's campus roared with excitement and appreciation from students, faculty and staff. The campus now boasts freshly painted picnic tables, new landscaping and a fresh look for the school's courtyard area.

"We cannot thank Ernst & Young and Junior Achievement enough! We are amazed at E&Y's generosity and what they were able to accomplish today. This day not only made a difference in our students' lives, but it also made our school shine," said Mary Booth, principal of Muller Elementary.


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